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    I have been using Masque for a while perfectly fine , however recently I have come across a issue with just one of my characters.

    Basically for some reason button 1 of bar 1 on my character is displaying as a grey texture meaning I can not see the skill in that slot no matter what masque texture I try using. I have made sure the brightness/background colour is all fine etc and I know it is as the majority of the buttons display correctly and change according to whatever change I make in the masque settings.

    Also on a wider scale at least 8-10 other button slots are showing a boarder as if a skill was in that box but there is no skill in there. It displays the colour for the 'checked buttons' under the masque settings. When I place a skill in that box the texture displays correctly, unlike the issue above. However when empty these boxes should be invisible like some of the other boxes that are working correctly.

    Please could someone help me I am very confused.

    Thank you.
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