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    posted a message on party/team/raid pvp target coordination mod
    i can see his point here. i think that a library is in order to exchange some data among party/raid members. this has been thought of and tried many times, but no one quite has gotten it right. oRA2 is pretty good, but lacks some features and isn't widespread enough. RDX (raid data exchange) attempted something like this as well, but it's very difficult to get and at one point i believe they wanted to charge for the addon.

    there is a demand for some basic party/raid data transfer of information, and i personally believe it could be included in a single library for each unitframes (and otherwise) mod to do with it what they please.

    i'd definitely vote for something like that, but what data it would exchange, i'm really not sure. i know some things off hand (like durability, tanking/healing/buff assignments, special item alerts, etc) but for the most part i really don't know what would be included.

    a means for targeting enemy players would be a good addition to that sort of thing. now just if we could find someone who thinks it's a good idea that can actually do it.

    i'd gladly work on wow addons, but i don't know crap about programming. wish there were a guide to making wow addons that wasn't a book you had to purchase =\
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    Quote from Aznamir »

    It's a nice idea, but you're assuming that there are a lot of paladins available with similar buffs.. like improved might/wisdom/kings, which is not always the case. In reality raid buffs are much simplier, like 1 pally doing kings on all, 1 doing salv/light, 1 doing might/wis, etc. The example you provided would take extremely long time to setup and reconfigure if some paladin leaves the raid.

    Since I'm not playing a paladin anymore and don't bother with configuring blessings every night I don't know how usefull you idea is, I'll ask my raid leader if there's any demand for that.

    from the manner of this post, i get the strong feeling you don't understand what i mean. the buff simply assigns people buffs according to what you have listed as first prio, second prio, etc. of course it would be nice to prefer assigning those with the proper buff talent points (improved might, for instance) those buffs, but really not necessary. it's just to get a starting point so you don't have to start buffing assignments from scratch each fight, not a replacement for intelligently deciding which buffs people should give/get, it's more of an aid to help you not have to go through the headache of getting initial assignments up to begin with.

    if you're unsure what i mean (or, rather, what benefit [demand] this would have), i can try and go into further detail with my explaination.
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    posted a message on PallyPower - Official Thread
    first i'd like to say that i'm very very happy with this addon, and nearly couldn't live without it. paladins certainly get the short end of the stick when it comes to buffing, it's so difficult to do and your mod helps that immensely.

    now that i'm done with that, i'd like to mention that i had this long, well thought out well laid out post ready for you. then, my computer's power mysteriously went down, but the computer right next to it (on a different outlet) was unaffected :O. either way, excuse me for being too short in my explaination if i am.

    before i begin, there are 2 methods of improvement, both which may or may not cancel out the other. if you'd like to see my second feature suggestion, scroll down further as you it may be more relevant to your interests.

    i'd like to mention, i did read http://www.wowace.com/forums/index.php?topic=7600.msg182929#msg182929 and was unable to get this function to work. i may have been able to get it working with more effort and trial/error, but i'm including my suggestion because i think it takes this function much further.

    edit: yay for me being an idiot. i noticed the features i'd requested had been discussed previously, but very little (or i didn't understand the solution). i'm leaving it up for the sake that i don't see these functions in pally power, and if they are there i'd still like to know how to use them. if you're busy and don't feel like reading over stuff that's been discussed already, atleast look at the code block below to get an idea about how the interface for such a thing could be improved.

    basically, there would be 2 profile styles i'd like to see

    profile style 1) stores all of the buffs per class per paladin (limited to the buffs of 1 paladin only)
    profile style 2) stores all of the buffs of all of the paladins and 10 minute exceptions for the entire raid.

    profile style 1 is pretty simple, and the reason for it is rather self explanitory. one could save a profile for each situation and save each of them to profiles, then identify which situation they are up against and load the profile for each paladin accordingly. (small note, these 'profiles' will only be stored on your personal computer, i don't think profile transferring would be worth the effort it may incur).

    for instance, one could have the profiles:
    single pally

    then, lets say you have 1 paladin in a raid, you could assign him the buff assignments "single pally". that may look something like this (not an accurate representation of buffs i would hand out due to me just wanting to get an explaination out rather than assign buffs)

    warrior rogue druid paladin priest warlock hunter
    pally1: kings might kings kings salv salv might

    profile style 2 is very simple and really doesn't constitute an explaination. the basic idea is to be able to take a raid of a specific composition (identical players, etc) and resume it the next day without having to deal with pally buffs a second time. this would allow for less downtime and make things much easier for guilds who split up raids among multiple days. for a guild with a permanent 25 man raiding team, i would see this as a very large convenience as most of the time the raid participants change very little.

    Idea #2

    this idea could completely invalidate the reason for including support for profiles as i stated earlier. i personally feel that they could both be very beneficial even if both implemented, but i guess that's opinion based. either way, this would be what i would consider my more desired improvement for pallypower.

    basically, it would be a buff priority system, one that preferably you could save/load profiles on as well, but not necessary.

    in the configuration screen (the black background box with all the assignments), you'd have an extra button across the bottom, or some other way to access it. it would basically replace the paladin names on the left with priority levels, for instance:

    class1 class2 class3 class4 class5
    pally1 | kings wisdom might light salv
    pally2 | light kings salv kings wisdom

    would turn into

       | Warrior |Rogue |Priest |Druid |Paladin |Hunter |Mage  |Warlock |Shaman
    prio1 | kings  |might |salv  |kings |kings  |kings |salv  |salv  |salv
    prio2 | light  |salv |wisdom |wisdom |wisdom |might |wisdom |kings  |wisdom
    prio3 | might  |kings |kings |might |light  |wisdom |kings |wisdom |kings
    prio4 | salv  |light |light |salv  |might  |salv  |light |light  |might
    prio5 | sanc  |sanc |sanc  |light |salv  |light |sanc  |sanc  |light
    prio6 |     |   |might |sanc  |sanc  |sanc  |    |    |sanc

    (6 because there are only 6 pally buffs, other than the non-standard ones)

    this is an example of how mine may look (attempted to have somewhat accuracy, but it's mostly fictional/no thought priorities i've thought up).

    once this is made, you could save it, then go back into your standard screen, which would then have an extra button or 2. new button #1) Generate assignments for raid new button #2) generate assignments for self. these would do exactly what you may think. the automatic assignment generation would go based on talented buffs assigned to their respective buffer, then beyond that no particular system is necessary (if one is necessary to use, alphabetical works lol)

    this would open the door to a sorely missed feature that pallypower could have, the ability to generate personal buff assignments when no one else has pally power. i think this is a shortcomming that this priority menu could solve. simply generate buffs for targets based on the first priority available that hasn't already been buffed. once the buffs are generated (only generated when explicitly clicked in the interface to generate, so that you don't have constantly changing buffs, or perhaps even an option to toggle such behavior), you can further tweak them to your preference.

    i know this is probably quite a tall order as they say, but i believe its benefit would be well worth it in the end. if you need help, i'd very gladly give you fictional code which would show you how you could acheive the various assignments. though i don't know much about lua, i have programming experience, so perhaps it would help.

    people who are not a developer for this addon, please post your opinion/suggestions/etc about this addon improvement idea so that the author can get some feedback as to wether or not it is worth the implementation.
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    posted a message on Boycot screenshots.cc please
    just wanted to say that the replies about using this and that to avoid the advertisements is a pretty lame way to handle it. i'm glad you like the extensions and they serve you well, but that isn't truly offering a solution to the true problem: there is porn associated with the website. using extensions or special ways to avoid confrontation with this porn is a way around it, but it's only hiding the association, not eliminating it.
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    posted a message on FuBar replacement?
    i've not read all responses, but most of them. i'd just like to say that IMHO there should be a library to support not only 'bar plugin' type things, but support minimap placement, bar plugin, etc.

    basically, this library would completely handle the GUI part of the addons and one could make their own additions to it in-game easily (how hard would it be to make a menu which when you click on X (text you specify) it does /command). this wouldn't mean that addons don't have the opportunity to customize their own GUI for configuration, but would atleast give a means to access the said interface for configuration through whatever means the user preferrs (fubar, titan panel, etc)
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    posted a message on Visual warning system (possibly an extension of bigwigs) idea
    thanks a lot for all of your responses. i'll definitely check them out. i think that combat alarm will definitely do what i want. the others mentioned may do things i never thought of that will be very beneficial as well so thanks for that :D
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    posted a message on Visual warning system (possibly an extension of bigwigs) idea
    real basic addon idea here. matter of fact, it'd be real cool if something of this nature exists already. either way, the addon would have a quite simple function. be able to set up visual warnings for warnings that are shown in wow. the main purpose would be, for example, adding a blue screen flash for when you attempt to cast a spell and the person is out of line of sight, or flashing the screen red when you attempt to cast something at something too far away, or making a large raid warning show up when you attempt to cast and you are silenced... things of this nature. you could have any number of set events, then have the said events configurable as to how to warn (full screen flash red, raid warning, flash a picture, or it'd be cool to make it configurable to play sound files). in the end, perhaps even be able to have visual warnings for things like certain debuffs you have etc.

    i hope you catch the direction i'm trying to take with it. as a healer, sometimes i try to cast something and it doesn't work, i'm not sure why but i have to react so quickly i dont have time to read the red warning at the top, so an alternate method to know why would make my reaction to things much easier.

    if you would like an example of how this could be done, i could try to draw a picture to help
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    posted a message on auto crusader
    this is a really simple mod idea... i'd really like to be able to have crusader automatically enable when you mount, then when you dismount return to whatever aura you had before mounting. i think this would make management of crusader very easy if it's possible.
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    posted a message on AutoBar by Toadkiller (official thread)
    i love the idea of the mod, and if it didn't cause very poor performance it would be on my must-have addon list.

    the problem is, this addon makes my wow run like total crap. i don't know why, i just know that when i use any ability with it up, it normally has a greyed out circular clockwise visual which indicates the GCD. with this addon loaded, it hangs 3 times, roughly even intervals while indicating GCD. this degrades my performance so much that i can't possibly play seriously with the mod loaded unfortunately.

    otherwise a great mod. i don't know if it's an incomatability problem, but i have tried to make sure that i have as little as possible loaded which would have to do with my bars/frames
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    posted a message on Loot Rank style addon.
    could be wrong, but i think that's exactly what he was referring to. i was interested in something similar, thanks for the info :D

    edit: just incase the OP doesn't know, if you are a tank or a healer, there are addons called tankpoints and healpoints which are specific to tanks and healers but can be adjusted. they are probably better if you are a tank or a healer, since they come with many things already there along with further healing/tanking specific things(and can be modified as well). if you're looking for feral cat dps as a druid there's something called catpoints that does the same thing (listed as outdated, but still works just fine)
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    posted a message on Chat link parser identifies relevant chat links?
    i completely understand the OP's reason for adding the star. it's so that you don't have to go clicking every single link, and in some cases clicking wont help either. for instance, LF enchanter to enchant [Enchant chest: major mana] weird oddball things that we dont know if we have or not... if anything it would make it more convenient.

    asking why put the star is like saying "why would you want to label treasure chests? if you just open them you can see what's inside, isn't that enough?"
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    posted a message on Reputation with Players Addon
    i thrive for such an addon as well. i have been using karma for a while, but it really needs some changes (and to straight up be fixed) for it to be completely usable for its purpose IMO.

    notes u need is also an addon which can offer similar things, but adding notes to people without clicking on them is impossible in that mod from my efforts atleast (maybe it's an option i couldn't find, highly likely).

    i think if karma put a tooltip, or even a unitframes change to indicate karma ratings it would be much better. also, with the ability to right click a person's name instead of making them your target then finding the mini-map icon.

    i've found it's the a-holes you have to watch out for, and they are few and far between. also they often seem to come off as nice at first, so i think targeting the person then consulting the minimap button is a little bit too cumbersome, and i find myself hardly using karma at all because of it =\

    i think a slight modification to karma to make it similar to notes u need in some ways would benefit it exponentially. also, the ability to have karma ratings for the other faction is a must on pvp servers.
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    posted a message on ready checklist
    well, first post here but have lurked so dont think i am just stopping by and will never come back. now on with my suggestion.

    i think it'd be cool to have an addon with a checklist which you specify the things. people could use this for many purposes obviously, such as a to-do list, etc. what the intent of the addon would be though to have a checklist of things to do when preparing for raids. while doing certain events, go through the checklist and check them off. for those still confused an example might be

    [x]Change to Shadow resistance aura
    [x]Drink buff potions
    [x]Receive healthstone
    [x]Buff raid
    [x]Position yourself
    [x]Eat food to become well fed
    [x]Get to full mana/health
    [x]Receive/understand healing assignments from raid/healing leader

    in later versions some very helpful additions would be nice, but initially just the checklist would be fine. examples of great later additions would be: automatically check/uncheck things in events (such as uncheck "Eat food to become well fed" upon death), and the one i would prefer most, to automatically respond to readychecks (if enabled, obviously) according to your checklist, upon being not ready for a readycheck, list the things not checked on the list to the raid leader. i know some raid leaders don't like this sort of thing, but i think it could be handy. especially if in a much more advanced version it could use addon data communication channels to be able to provide the raid leader with a list and make it red, orange, or green depending on the number of people requiring such a thing.

    how that could work, for instance. have the raid leader make the check list and set his addon to 'leader checklist' or something similar. then, his check list will be broadcasted to the raid, and each person with the addon would need to check each item (or automated depending on much the addon has been developed) as they complete them. then, the leader would see if an item is green, everyone has done that thing. if he mouses over or clicks on the item which indicates not everyone is ready for, he will see who still needs to do the said thing. i get the feeling a lot of recount's code base could be used for such a thing without too much extra effort. just basically some extra framework. perhaps not though, i'm not an addon developer so i wouldn't know exactly.

    this addon would eliminate a lot of down time and provide the raid leader with instant information about who is taking too much time and who is on the ball. i think it would be highly beneficial especially for guilds who are having trouble with excessive preparation time during raids.

    so what do you guys think? i saw an addon suggestion with a similar goal in mind, so sorry if you feel it's a reposted request, but i felt there was a sufficient amount of change between mine and his suggestions to constitute making a post about it.
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