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    I've recently downloaded all the code from cfish's site and even decompiled it. (I had a hard time until there since I'm a total java newbe. In fact I didn't even know what a jar file is) It's working fine on my PC currently. I also looked a bit at the code. It seems like cfish stored the db files sent by the users on a php-server somewhere else so he could repack his application from time to time to keep the data up to date. I was wandering if anybody might be interested on relaunching CMT. I attached the cmt.jar-file (unrar it first, then unzip/unjar; I used WinRAR to do that), which you can just unzip to get the original *.class-files and the decompiled files I gathered with DJ Java Decompiler.

    --Thanks to cfish for developing this tool
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    When I speak to a trainer, who is not displayed by a note of cartographer, it doesn't add a new note automatically like it does when I harvest copper. Can this problem be fixed by someone or do I have to set a extra option for this? I looked at the options and filter menue over and over but I couldn't find anything.

    Thanks for the great mod. I really enjoy it. Accuse the bad English, I'm from Gemany ^^"
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