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    So far it doesn't seem to recognize any of the new "level 65" foods. Clefthoof ribs, bladespire bagel, telaari grapes, mag'har mild cheese, zangar trout, etc.
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    Currently seems to have problems with engineering bags. If I run "The Works" on my bank, which has an engineering toolbox, the items get moved out of the toolbox and put into regular bags, and soon thereafter it tries to put non-engineering items into the engineering bag, resulting in errors. (i.e., "only engineering items can go in that bag")
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    Manufac doesn't seem to list the required "non-consumed" mats properly. It will show that I need an anvil (but it's always in red, even if I'm near one) but it doesn't let me know whether I need a blacksmith hammer, gyro-matic adjuster, or arclight spanner for example. This makes it difficult to remember which tools I need to get from the bank when I need to make something, since I don't carry them all around with me and I don't have the recipes memorized.

    First aid:

    I also have the problem described earlier in the thread where bandages will show in the "can make" category, but the only ones in the "bandages" category are heavy linen bandages. I cannot remember whether this shows up on my 300 first aid character, but it is like that on all my 225 skill characters.
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    Quote from SoLoR »

    Quote from BBR »

    *tagging this thread*

    Some guild enchanters using this mod are getting the "wow blocked this ui" error while using this mod. & disenchanting items.

    Using it myself, with no problems however.

    its blizzard bug...

    Makes sense. FYI, according to ActionBlocked GMail tries to perform PickupContainerItem() which causes the error when disenchanting. Disabling GMail (and only GMail) fixed the problem. I only receive the error on my disenchanting character, however.

    I mention this in case it helps someone figure out a workaround until Blizzard fixes whatever bug causes this.
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