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    i understand that bartender 4 is not going to include a XP bar, and thats cool, but does anyone know if there is a mod that allows the Blizzard XP bar to be movable and scalable. i can only find addons that are replacements and thats not really what im looking for.

    the reason that i need it to be the actual Blizzard XP bar is because im very fond on using the GoToBar mod (http://wow.curse.fr/downloads/details/1898/) with stuff like item counts, gold counts, honour counts etc and converting the xp bar to rep (allowing two rep bars if you use the blizzard version as well), but it only improves the actual blizzard bar and the only xp bar mods ive come across are total replacements. so if anyone knows of a BT3 style XP mod that jsut moves the default blizzard xp bar, or an xp mod that provides the same functionality as GoToBar, i would be very grateful.

    EDIT: Kind of solved. Found "Chiper's XP Bar" (http://wow.curse.com/downloads/details/9270/). not as flexible as far as moving goes etc, but is ok, for now. Still, if anyone knows of anything better, please let me know :).

    Exact same problem here, except I use GFW_FactionFriend... So I also just want a movable, re scalable blizz XP bar... something just like BT3 XP bar.

    Atm I'm using both BT4 and BT3 just so I can have the XP bar from bt3, and thats just a wast of memory. Now I do understand that you may not want to develop a BT4 xp bar, and since I don't know anything about addon making I can't judge you for that, but I was wondering if it would be too much time consuming to make it for bt4 and 3.X.X ? Thanks for your work.
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