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    A few suggestions:

    1.MT, MT target and MT ToT, so all frames look the same, infos being taken from Ora2

    2.ClassColor for names (and HappyColor for pets), i usually have all my frames with the same color and the name being ClassColored

    1.) I too would like to see the MT,and MT Target frames included with this new version. But the option to choose the MT list from Ora2 or default blizzard MT list would be great. My guild does not require us to have Ora2 or CTMOD, so the Blizz MT list would be great. In previous versions i could create a new raid group and with a dogtag make a MT list but not a MT Target list. So now im using Pitbull =(

    2.)I also agree that being able to make the Name text class colored would be great, i believe the old versions of AG_Unitframes could do that along with the coloring of the health bar. But i could be wrong =\

    Anywho keep up the good work, i truly miss having aguf in my add-ons folder.
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