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    Is it me or are Leather working bags missing. I'm sure I posted a list of them here, might not of been this thread was about a year ago I did it. I can do it again if someone can update the files.
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    Don't know if this has been addressed yet but I did look for it and didn't find anything.

    I'm a Leatherworker and have the new bags for all my leather, hides and stuff (even motes and primals) but baggins kept showing the empty slots as bag slots in my bank (I don't skin so only store the mats) so I made a quick change to the code and tested and it seems to work as it should only items in the leatherworking bags show up in that category (Leatherworking Bag) and the other category (Leatherworking Mats) shows the items if not in a LW bag when on my characters

    Added to \Interface\AddOns\Baggins\libs\LibPeriodicTable-3.1-Misc\LibPeriodicTable-3.1-Misc.lua
    ["Misc.Bag.Special.Leather Working"]="34482:20,34490:24",

    Added to \Interface\AddOns\Baggins\Baggins-Filtering.lua in
    function Baggins:IsSpecialBag(bag)
    * marks the added lines
     if SubType == ITEMSUBTYPE["Mining Bag"] then
      return prefix.."m"
    * if SubType == ITEMSUBTYPE["Leatherworking Bag"] then
    *  return prefix.."l"
    * end
     if SubType == ITEMSUBTYPE["Gem Bag"] then
      return prefix.."g"

    Changes to \Interface\AddOns\Baggins\Baggins-Filtering.lua
     ["Container"] = {"Bag", "Enchanting Bag", "Engineering Bag", "Herb Bag", "Soul Bag", "Mining Bag", "Gem Bag" },
     ["Container"] = {"Bag", "Enchanting Bag", "Engineering Bag", "Herb Bag", "Soul Bag", "Mining Bag", "Leatherworking Bag", "Gem Bag" },

    added to \Interface\AddOns\Baggins\Baggins_ItemOps.lua
    * marks the new line(s)
    local itemPTSet_For_ContainerPTSet = {
     ["Bag.Special.Ammo"] = "Reagent.Ammo.Bullet",
     ["Bag.Special.Enchanting"] = "Container.ItemsInType.Enchanting",
     ["Bag.Special.Engineering"] = "Container.ItemsInType.Engineering",
     ["Bag.Special.Herb"] = "Container.ItemsInType.Herb",
     ["Bag.Special.Jewelcrafting"] = "Container.ItemsInType.Gem",
     ["Bag.Special.Mining"] = "Container.ItemsInType.Mining",
    * ["Bag.Special.Leatherworking"] = "Misc.Container.ItemsInType.Leather",[/u]
     ["Bag.Special.Quiver"] = "Reagent.Ammo.Arrow",
     ["Bag.Special.Soul Shard"] = "Container.ItemsInType.Soul Shard"

    This shows the bags and adds the option in the container menu to filter the data.

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