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    I played CoH for a long time; for anyone still not clear on what he is asking it basically works like this.

    You have "x" bubbles. Each bubble is either full or empty.
    You have an experience bar. Instead of representing the amount of XP required to reach the next level, it shows the XP required to complete your current bubble. So you're XP bar would refill "x" times for every level. When you complete the bar, you unlock the bubble you were working on and the bar resets to 0 while you work on unlocking the next bubble.

    I always liked the CoH method as well, you really feel like you are making more progress (but back when CoH was new the EXP curve was insane to get to the level cap - just filling a bubble was your huge accomplishment at the higher levels).
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    New version is up and awaiting approval on WoWI and Curse. It includes the zone-based CC lists (for every instance in the game) as well as a deDE translation.
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    Hey folks,

    I just finished the back-end required for zone specific priority lists. I'd absolutely love it if someone in beta could get me the following information.

    1) Zone text for each of the new instances. You can get this by typing
    /script print(GetRealZoneText())
    into your chat box and hitting enter

    2) Either the type of mobs commonly found in the instance, or preferably what you think a good CC priority list would be (i.e., a lot of elementals - bind elemental should be high, with banish and freezing trap)

    Thanks in advance for any help on this! I'll add these custom priorities to the mod as they come in to me.

    Also, specific to the Ace community. I was wondering if anyone had any tips to point me in the correct direction for creating a compact UI similar to the JumpMenu image posted on wow interface. Obviously it won't look like that visually, that was just my quick

    Specifically what I want to do is:

    1) Create a blank frame with no visuals to act as the base for the jump menu
    2) Create 8 Dropbox UI elements all linked to different variables.
    3) When one of those drop boxes is edited, update all 8 boxes (since each CC can only be assigned to one mark - if it's currently on Square and I select it in Circle, it should auto-deselect from Square)

    Sorry if this is a seemingly stupid request; new to WoW addon development.
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    Tank tested, Perky Pug approved!

    What is PugLax?
    PugLax is an addon aimed at making the pug experience smoother for the upcoming Cataclysm expansion pack. Many of us remember the good old days of actually using CC in five man dungeons. However, it can be time consuming to make customized macros to echo things like kill order and mark assignments to your group.

    PugLax aims to make this easier by automatically generating a list of crowd control available to your group, sorting those CC's based on priority, and finally printing that list along with direct assignments to party chat for you along with the kill order. For baseline forms of crowd control, PugLax assumes that the character has the CC if they are the appropriate. For talent based forms of crowd control (like Repentance), the addon inspects the character to ensure they have the required talent.

    For now much of this is hard coded; however, this initial release offers options for which marks you wish to enable/disable as well as which forms of crowd control you wish to enable/disable. Simple set the addon up once based on what you feel is worth using (sap and polymorph, but not fear and hibernate for example). Then, simply type "/puglax party" and the addon will take care of the rest.

    Planned Features:

    1. Expose the priority list to the options menu.
    2. Create a small jump-box style config specific to your current group to allow manual override of the assignment list that the addon comes up with. There is a demo image of this available on the wowinterface page. The basic idea is that you can easily rearrange what CC is assigned to what mark, as well as echo to party/raid in a single click or echo a single assignment in a single click (if the mage asks "wait, what did you want me to CC again?" for example)
    3. Create zone-specific default priority lists (so AN will have shackle undead higher than polymorph for example)
    4. Create a "Simple Raid Target Icon" style mark tool. However, instead of displaying the marks themselves display the CC icons (so you would see a sheep instead of the moon) to make it easier to mark based on the list.

    Supported CC:

    * Polymorph
    * Freezing Trap
    * Sap
    * Hex
    * Repentance
    * Entangling Roots
    * Wyvern Sting
    * Banish
    * Bind Elemental
    * Shackle Undead
    * Hibernate
    * Fear
    * Seduction
    * Cyclone

    Nobody is using CC at the moment, why release this now?
    Mostly so that I can start to get feedback from the community on what features everyone would like to see in the addon, and so people can point out forms of crowd control that I missed on my list.

    I found a bug, or I have a suggestion/request, what should I do?
    I will most likely be watching the wowinterface page most frequently for bug reports and comments, feel free to comment on the addon there! (I'll try to check everywhere this gets posted as well though)

    I don't want 5 different types of CC posted, how can I shorten it?
    Simply go into the options and deselect some of the Enabled Marks.
    Note: at the moment Skull, Cross, Triangle are always set to the kill targets, so enable/disable does nothing on them. Disable one of the other five marks to reduce the amount of total CC it will echo.

    Okay, so it sounds neat. I want to use it, but it doesn't do anything!
    The slash command for actually echo'ing the assignments to your team is:
    /pl party
    /plax party
    /puglax party
    (all three are valid)

    Also, you must have some marks and crowd control forms enabled. You can check to see which of each are currently enabled by going into the usual addons config area in Escape Menu -> Interface and finding PugLax from the list. By default I think everything is disabled, so just check off what you want to add (skull/cross/triangle are currently always used for kill order and toggling them does nothing).


    The Curse project is awaiting approval still:

    The WoWInterface link is available for viewing and downloading:
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    Ahhhh, thank you very much for the information!
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    Follow-up question:

    I'm having trouble getting the libraries to work actually. I have them both in my .xml as:

    <Script file="libs\LibTalentQuery-1.0\LibStub\LibStub.lua"/>
    <Script file="libs\LibTalentQuery-1.0\LibTalentQuery-1.0.lua"/>
    <Script file="libs\LibGroupTalents-1.0\LibGroupTalents-1.0.lua"/>

    Then in my main LUA I try:

    local GroupTalents = LibStub("LibGroupTalents-1.0")

    GroupTalents.UnitHasTalent(unitid, "Black Arrow", "Survival")

    and I get the following error:

    Message: ...don\libs\LibGroupTalents-1.0\LibGroupTalents-1.0.lua:1585: attempt to call method 'GUIDHasTalent' (a nil value)

    It's odd in that it seems like I'm able to actually access the UnitHasTalent function, but that function cannot then access the GUIDHasTalent function. I'm probably just setting the library up incorrectly. Any more tips pointing me in the right directly would be greatly appreciated!

    GroupTalents:UnitHasTalent(unitid, "Black Arrow", 2)
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    Awesome, tyvm for the quick response!
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    Sorry if this is in the wrong thread, but I couldn't find a thread about LibGroupTalents and I noticed a similar set of developers listed on the addons.

    I'm new to using the WoW API, and I was wondering if someone could give me a brief rundown on how I might use LibGroupTalents+LibTalentQuery to find out whether a specific unit has a specific talent.

    UnitHasTalent(unit, talentName[, group])

    This seems to be exactly what I want, I'm just not sure how it works. Would something like:

    UnitHasTalent("party1", talentName["Black Arrow", "Survival"])

    be accurate? Thanks in advance!
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    Hey, long time user - absolute HUGE fan of the addon. One of my favorite things about it is my ability to move the whole thing around my screen as needed, but not accidentally move it ever (since it's the border you click to drag it around instead of the unit frames themselves).

    I think the new tab is great for some people, but for me (who always has it unlocked) it's a bit of an eye-sore. If we could get an option to disable that tab, it would be much appreciated! If not it's no big deal - I'll learn to live with it (or sift through myself and try and figure out how to rip it outta there :-D).

    Anyhow, awesome job with the addon - huge fan!

    My apologies, I only bothered to check the last visual page - I should have gone back further. Thank you you in advance though for implementing that toggle, many of us really appreciate it! And thank you to Phanx for pointing out my laziness, I could have found my own answer quicker than the time I spent making this post :(
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    Quote from Ydrisselle
    Short answer: no. There were some requests for new addons or plugins to replace this too Cart2-module, but nobody made them yet.

    Thanks for the response :-)

    I think theres a mod called "everyquest" or something I can use to make sure I don't miss anything while I plow through outlands. I'll have to go look that up and see if I can't remember the exact name.
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    My concern is Cartographer_QuestInfo and Cartographer_QuestObjectives

    are there any alternatives to finding quest *givers* that will work today? I loved being able to run into a new zone in outlands and quickly see on the map where every single quest giver was :(
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    Does anyone know how to disable showing myself in the party frame? (instead of my four party members making up the party frame, it shows 5 members - myself included).

    It's not a huge deal, but it's throwing off the size because with myself in the "party" it adds an experience bar to the party frames which I can't seem to disable.
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