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    Quote from DGambler »

    CT_QuestLevels - Haven't found an ACE replacement, although the FuBar plugin does this for you on FuBar, but I like to see it in the quest window too.
    CT_UnitFrames - This gives the units on the mana bar, HP bar, I haven't hid the standard blizz ones yet, but that is next on my list
    MetaHud - replacement for DHUD (NOT ACE'd)... haven't got around to trying ICE'd HUD yet

    Like Thirsterhall said, try ElkBuffBars - I started playing with them this afternoon, and they are a LOT more customisable compared to the CT version. Just trying to figure how to make the list grow upwards now ;)

    CT_QuestLevels - I use FuBar QuestsFu, and keep the tooltip open one the zone I am in - that shows quest level in a tidy little box out the way.

    CT_UnitFrames - I never used the CT Version, I always prefered Discord Action Bars, but the ag_UnitFrames are probably about as customisable - I spent ages fiddling with that particular addon!

    MetaHud - I can strongly recommend the IceHUD. Again, coming from a Discord background, it was nice and easy to figure out.
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    Once again, a big thanks to everyone that has replied here or PMd me with help, advice, links and what-not. I've actually spent most of this afternoon messing around with everything, and think I'm finally done. Well, done *mostly*, as I am sure I will add things or remove things as I go...

    Screenshot One: Out of Combat, HuD invisible, otherwise relatively neat and tidy:

    Screenshot Two: Out of Combat, but with Target - HuD semi-transparent, still tidy:

    Screenshot Three: Mid-Combat, HuD Visible, other timers showing up too:

    Last - the list of Addons!

    All in all, I am very pleased with how easy things were once I got used to the interfaces and commands. I'm sure there is stuff I am missing on there, and stuff I will alter over time, but I am certainly an Ace convert now! Seeya Discord, Ta-ta CT!

    So - thoughts and critique for this layout?

    (thanks again!)
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    Quote from ZealotOnAStick »

    Ok, here's some advice/feedback:

    ..snipped for space ;)

    That is an excellent list, Zealot, thanks a lot! In regards to the backup - I actually have two WoW folders on my hard drive - one with my actual playing setup, and one that I use to mess with Addons and suchlike - the WTF/WDB/Interface folders get deleted all the time, so it's nice and safe for me *actual* install. Of course, when I mess with buttons and quickbars - which are stored on the server - it gets amusing to log in and spread everything out again! Thank you for the list of addons - I'll be messing with that today!


    Nimbal: Yes, you're right, everything is very spread out - too spread out - and a lot of those things are spells I *might* use. Which I know is stupid. I do need to condense them down but also so they don't look cluttered.

    You're also correct about the player frame. Target appears next to it, and target/target next to that, so I have three little frames in a row up there. When in a party, I get the four party frames below my pet, and they kinda look just... stuck there. Dumped in passing. I too like everything in one place!


    I think what I need is the chat box bottom left, combat bottom right, then action bars and prolly a square minimap bottom center. Spread over the top of all this (but hidden) would be group boxes, then above that, me, pet, target. That way, everything is down at the bottom, leaving lots of space to appreciate the pretty :)

    I think what I will do - as suggested - is find/replace one thing at a time in my addon folder. AIOI to be replaced with OneBag (which I loved, btw, especially as it worked properly!), then Map, then Chat, and so on and so on, configuring each thing as I go.

    Another silly question - before I start adding things, what do I NEED in there first? Do I *need* actual "Ace2.0"? Also, what is the best way to change settings? Is it the Commander, or is it Master Control Panel - are these similar things, or are they different? And I will start experimenting with FuBar as well as it seems it can do a lot more than Titan can (or could).

    As ever, thanks for the help chaps (and non-chaps if that's the case ;) ), it's really appreciated. I asked for help a while back *elsewhere*, and get flamed to hell!
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    Wow, lots of really helpful replies - excellent stuff, thanks!

    I'm going through the wowace site and looking at all the different mods on there - am I right in thinking that unless it says "Release" and gives a link, that most of these are downloaded as "Beta" from the SVN? Does this mean I'll need to update each time there is a new release - some of which seem to be changed daily?

    In reply to ra1d3n, good question. My layout at the moment is "OK", but it's hard to vocalise what I want. I like that my layout is fairly clear with as much space as possible, but it looks like a mish-mash of lots of different mods - if that makes sense? I'm not sure I want my bars spread like *so*, or my chat boxes up like that, or the Necrosis in the center. I'd also like fairly minimal Unit Frames/Party Frames/Raid Frames, a decent buff-timer...

    I downloaded and messed around with //www.curse-gaming.com/en/wow/modscreen-5356-11148-1.html">this" target="" data-ensure-absolute>http://www.curse-gaming.com/en/wow/modscreen-5356-11148-1.html">this package earlier this evening, but it seemed to have a LOT of stuff on there I didn't need, not to mention, I am completely new to Ace. Don't like the HUD, don't like my UnitFrame/Target sort of just floating, and while I used to use Titan, I'm not sure I have any need for FuBar. I managed to get some sort of Addon organiser with that too, something-commander, maybe? It let me alter the settings through a menu system which made life a bit easier. Of course, that UI was created by a rogue, and their UIs usually seem to comprise of a very small number of buttons - playing a Warlock seems to have me drowning, and a priest isn't much better :D

    Anyways - more help and advice is greatly appreciated. Course, you can just tell me to sod off ;)
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    I'm a fiddler, I admit it, I accept it.  I am always messing with addons and settings and such like, just to get my interface just so.  I like neat, minimal and functional.  At the moment, I am using most of the CT-Mod stuff, with some Discord Unit Frames and various other bits and bobs, trying to keep as much of the screen visible as possible.

    Now, I've been chatting to a friend who went into a conversation about Ace2 and how great it is, but he never gave me links or anything.  To be honest, I noticed mention of it a while back while looking at some Discord packs, some of which seem to be adding more and more Ace stuff to them.  So, I decided yesterday I'd see what I could find.

    And this is where the noob in me comes out.  I don't have a clue WHAT I am looking at, looking for, or anything else.  My UI-messing days started with GypsyMod, went to Discord, and now I've settled on the CTMod stuff.  So here's where I drop to my knees like a sad old man.  Please, can anyone out there suggest what I can do to replicate and *improve* my UI.  As it stands I'm just not happy with it, and want something minimal, pretty, and easy to use - and apparently that is what Ace can do.  Or so I'm told!

    So, point me where I need to look, kick me in the right direction, guide me!  I can't code, but I make a good trained monkey ;)

    The following images are my current layout (on my warlock, at least!) and my addon list. Nb, my AllInOneInventory is usually closed!

    //www.lyrass.com/hosted/wowscreenie1.jpg">" target="" data-ensure-absolute>http://www.lyrass.com/hosted/wowscreenie1.jpg">

    //www.lyrass.com/hosted/wowscreenie2.jpg">" target="" data-ensure-absolute>http://www.lyrass.com/hosted/wowscreenie2.jpg">

    Nothing needs to be class specific - I'm playing a Warlock, have a 60 Priest and 60 Mage, plus a scattering across servers (PVP/PVE and RP), so generic=good.

    All advice would be *excellent*

    Many thanks in advance!

    He of the Noobness
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