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    It does not have the multi-lingual libraries built in. It also has not ben tested (to my knowledge) on a client other than English.
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    Since I have been having so much fun working on Leech's dgks (deathGrab Killshot Notifier, which you should all download BTW), I decided to bring the fun of Unreal Tournament to other aspects of WoW.

    Current realese is considered alpha, as the feature list is very minimal in comparison to my goals.

    Currently, this mod adds UT capture the flag sounds to WSG, such as "Blue flag dropped", "Blue flag returned".

    The next feature I am working on is voice communication. There will be a button on your screen that brings up a list of emotes (very similar to UT) such as "Defend the flag", or "I've got your back". This message and the appropriate sound (from the UT taunt pack) will be relayed to everyone else with the mod. There will also be all the fun ones too like "Target Eliminated", "Talk to the hand", and the more profane ones :D

    If a lot of people in a BG have this mod, it could really help with teamwork.

    Once that's done (which may take quite a while), I will make sure to add support for all the BGs

    I will also add sound packs, like I did for the latest dgks version (go download it already).

    Considering making it integrate with dgks...

    If you feel like testing it out and reporting the bugs, it can be found here: http://files.wowace.com/sw-b.html

    Feel free to post suggestions and bugs in this thread.

    -X3HaloEd (Delthis of Kil'Jaeden)
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    Hey guys,
    Leech is letting me work on this project for a while, since he hasn't had a lot of time to update it lately.

    Biggest changes of the latest version: 20300.0.01
    -Support for sound packs
    -More kill ranks
    -raidscore command

    Two sound packs have been released to work with this version:

    They are separate AddOns that go in your AddOns folder.
    Once you have one installed you can change your sound pack by entering one of the following commands:
    "/dgks soundpack male" <default>
    "/dgks soundpack female"
    "/dgks soundpack sexy"

    download the latest versions from WowAce.

    dgks now includes all killing ranks from UT2004.

    By request of Lightbender of Kil'Jaeden, the new /raidscore command will print your killing streak to raid (killing streak = kills without dying)

    A lot of people have been editing the LUA file to use custom kill messages, example: "Delthis has totally pwnd Clothahump". For this reason, a new slash command has been quietly added to allow you to more easily make your own kill message. However, due to obscene messages being used, the next version will either have a toggle to turn off others' custom messages, or force the standard message. It depends on the complications of implementation and compatibility with older versions.


    Always get the latest version from WowAce, other websites have severly outdated copies. I will update them once I have rights.

    Thanks to Ratchet(Leech) and Badandy for letting me work on your awesome mod! :D

    Please post bugs here.

    Delthis of Kil'Jaeden
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