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    Hey everyone,

    first of all I should say: Yes, I am one of those mindless drones, who started WAU before starting the game and updating the addons he had - without as much as visiting this site, reporting bugs or really doing anything else but using the things I found in WAU.

    The reason?
    I did not know any better. I got WAU the first time from a friend with a message along the lines of "Hey, look at this program. It´s cool! Now you do not have to look for addons for ACE anymore!!!". For me, WAU was nothing more than a "convenient way for users to update their addons". A great service someone did for the unknowing gamers out there. I was never aware that it was meant for beta testing OR that I was supposed to write comments. I was not even aware that the programs I got with WAU were beta versions. I apologize for this ignorance - probably I would have known better, if I had taken the time to just check out the site that the program came from. As I said - I apologize for this.

    With "not checking the website" I did also not see any "Hey, could you help me out with some donations?" messages. I would have had no problem to donate. Actually, I would have been happy to. I am sorry Kaelten had to shoulder this financial burden mostly by himself. I personally think that even if the users who liked WAU had bothered to pay as low as 99 cents per month for this service, things would have been much easier and would have probably not led to the end of WAU and the following "uproar".

    I cannot understand - and I tried now for a little while - how people who obviously liked the "free gift" (meaning WAU) they received and never spent as much as a dime on it, can now go ahead and troll around about how Kaelten or this site has "sold out" and how this is "pissing off users"!?

    In the end: All us mindless "Ok, let´s update the addons before going into the game *click*" drones are very much responsible for the end of WAU. Honestly!? Why would anyone put alot of work in their programs and then PAY to have them "published"?

    Kaelten, if you still accept donations "after the fact" - let me know.


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