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    I use bongos. No major reason though, I just like how easy they are to set up. Also, not sure if other bars do this, but bongos shows which DoTs, HoTs, and debuffs (like hunters mark) are active with a colored border around the button.
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    This is what I'm currently using. The artwork is by elenwe. I'm also working on several more artworks and some unitframes. I'm in the middle of swapping from DART and Xperl to eePanels2 and Pitbull. My goal is to have a series of artworks that fit the same general layout of my ui so i can interchange them without have to relearn where everything is. Themes for my new artworks are STV, Angels of Death, Plasma Weapons, and Carbon Fiber

    Some raid frames from AV

    In combat
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    I'm working on updating my UI to use eepanels2 instead of the resource heavy Discord Art. One thing I haven't been able to figure out is a color change script. Discord provided a texture control option that allowed me to change the color of selected texture when entering and leaving combat. I believe this can be done using eePanels2 and the scripting feature, but I've never been any good at coding. Could some one please help me with the scripting? I've tried cobbling pieces of code together from the eePanels Wiki page but my efforts have yielded no success.

    I would like the textures(all 18 of them) to change to some shade of red when entering combat and change back to a bluish shade when leaving/out of combat. The actual colors dont matter...I know enough about coding to change color numbers around to get a hue that I like.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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