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    Apologies if this has been reported, or is a known issue, but I'm not entirely sober and am in the middle of a raid, and I want to make a note of this before I forget.

    In any case, I've heard reports from my raid that on Gurtogg Bloodboil (Black Temple), that the group number in the Raid Warning sometimes differs from the group number in the timer bar. This probably occurs after a fel rage phase. I can't personally verify this yet (ill try and update if i can), though.

    [EDIT] Okay, My apologies again, my guildie just told me he was full of crap, and must have been smoking something, so apparently this isn't happening. Oh well. Ignore this. :D[/EDIT]
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    Str: 103
    Agi: 66
    Sta: 115
    Int: 104
    Spi: 121
    Armor: 132
    Melee AP: 326
    Melee Crit: 4.32%
    RAP: 56
    Spell Crit: 3.5%
    98 mp/5 from spirit
    13 hp/5 from spirit,
    4.32% dodge
    5% block
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    "Mistletoe"(From the winter's veil holiday event) is missing.
    Item ID: 21519

    Should probably go in
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    Quote from neuron »

    A tiny bug report, "Deathforge Key" = Actually a key, goes in keyring, it shows in quest items but if I move it to my bank I dont get any more inventory space so it defenatly is in the keyring.

    Yeah, I had the same problem, the solution I found was to simply move my Key Ring bag/section above the quest items bag/section. The item is considered a quest item, so it gets put in there if it's not put anywhere else first.

    Soulshards show in ammo and in other, even with "hide duplicate items" on, but only when I have more shards than max for my shardbag. It'd seem more logical to me if it only showed in ammo bag, and destroying one there always prioritized destroying one that wasn't in the shardbag. Right now destroying one in the ammo bag removes a bag from my shard bag, but leaves the ones outside of my shardbag.

    I think that's because the "Ammo" section only contains ammo/soul shard bag slots. So soul shards that are not in those slots arn't in that category. You could probably just edit the soul shard category to make sure it contains all soul shards. They may not stack up to a single stack, but they'd all be in the same section.
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    There's a couple consumables that can be gathered from Herbalism that probably ought to be in a Consumable category.. but there's really no good subcategory to put them in.

    Fel Blossom (itemid: 22795, value 1000)

    Nightmare Seed (itemid:22797, value 2000)

    Maybe a Consumable.Misc category for things like this?
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    Quote from FlareCDE »

    Mendy shows them if you have them enabled ^^.  One of the addon database sites uses them too, don't remember which one.  Allakawhatevertheheckitisican'tspellit maybe?

    Allakhazam uses the Item ID in the URL, eg for warp burgers:

    Also, if you have Baggins, alt-right-click will give you a menu that lets you show item info, including the item ID.

    [Edit] no need to add another post...
    Swift Zulian Tiger (100% speed tiger mount drop from Thekal in ZG) needs to be added to Misc.Mount.Normal
    ItemID: 19902

    [Edit x2] Couple Instance Loot table additions..
    InstanceLoot.The Mechanar.Pathaleon The Calculator should have:
    Dath'Remar's Ring of Defense (28265)

    Mana Wrath (27899):

    Additionally, it has item 28268, which doesn't appear to drop from him...
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    Couple food items that don't seem to be in...

    Conjured Croissant (level 65 mage food) - 22019
    Underspore Pod (created from Everlasting Underspore Frond) - 28112
    Telaari Grapes (vendor level 65 food) - 29450

    Warp Burger (+20 Agi/Spi cooked food) - 27659
    This one is actually in the cooking groups but it should also be in
    Consumable.Food.Edible.Meat.Bonus and
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    Quote from Piehole »
    Putting in the first request for a "retell" feature that allows you to type /rt to whisper the last person that you sent a tell to (handy when you find yourself in tell hell).

    Check your key bindings. A patch or three ago they put in a default key binding for doing just that. It was in the notes.
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    Quote from Nursie »
    Anyone know if its possible to make a Pre Action script to target the unit under your cursor?

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    Actually, I didn't notice. >< Guess that would explain that.
    Wasn't actually a big deal and I coded around it. :)
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    Quote from cladhaire »

    latest.txt in the directory of the addon name.

    Ahh, was not aware that existed. Thank you. :)

    Quote from Nirek »
    I second have the latest zip in the /files dir, having to scrape each folder url looking for new files isn't very efficent :)

    Well, I don't need the latest zip in the root of /files. Just an easy way to get the revision. I can manually form and hit the URL in a script, so thats not a big deal. :)

    [edit] Hmm, looks as though there's some amount of discrepancy between the revision number in latest.txt, and the latest zip available can be off. I imagine this is some kind of lag between the post-commit script updating latest.txt, and it actually checking out/zipping the addon. Can this be resolved? Maybe not update latest.txt until the zip has been put online?
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    Quote from cladhaire »

    I put everything up there on post-commit until we get moved to the new server, and get things set up in a pretty way.

    When you're getting things set up in a "pretty" way, can I make on feature request? :)

    It'd be really handy if the latest revision number can be put on the main page of the /files listing. Currently to parse the latest revision from /files, i need to hit the website once for each addon to get it's individual page. At least unless i'm missing some option/flag/parameter somewhere.

    Anyway, if you can swing that, i'd be happy. But no worries either way.
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    Quote from Axium »
    That's all I'm saying. HS scales with gear and ap (unlike sunder), but has diminishing returns with slower weapons since it is based off of weapon speed. IMO, if you're just gonna rely on sundderspam for threat you should stay in 8 piece might where it's useful. :P

    If you're NOT rage limited, then you should be using every ability as much as you can. SB/Revenge/SS all have 5-6s cooldowns, so you can easily slip Sunders in between them. Even easier if you have a macro/addon to do that for you. :P

    If you ARE rage limited, then it really depends on your current gear level. Sunder has the advantage of not eating your auto attack, so in terms of threat per rage, it can be rather efficient (moreso if you have Imp.Sunder). HS will block rage generation from your damage, so unless you're incoming damage is enough to maintain it, you can run into problems.

    Point being, it's not "this or that", it's understanding the current situation and combining your skills for maximum effectiveness. :)

    [Edit] Doh. was going to comment about the mod idea itself, but got sidetracked :P

    I know Perl Classic Unit Frames does something like this. It can hijack the combo point frame to display the number of sunders you have there. But I don't know if this displays for non-warriors or not. :\

    I could see the value of a frame showing this in an easy to read number, though. Some unit frames make the buff icons/numbers annoyingly small and hard to read.

    Honestly, though, I fail to see why non-warriors would really care what the status of sunders are on the target. If you're waiting for n sunders to DPS, that's a terribly inaccurate guage, because the tank may use other skills (revenge, shield slam, HS) which you can't judge. Besides, it's probably best to just wait for the DPS call from the tank, or the MA, or whatever.
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    Quote from Progman »

    [01:24:04] progman@proglap ~ $ [b]svn checkout http://svn.wowace.com/root wowace[b]

    (bolding is mind)

    Maybe an aside, but I believe that this is precisely the reason that the subversion server had an absurd load, and why Clad subsequently decided to switch it to developer only access. I have to wonder why you're trying to checkout the entire subversion repository?

    Quote from theondry »

    Isn't that what got the SVN server into this problem in the first place?

    Eh, there's a big difference between pulling down an entire repository via a subversion client and grabbing a bunch of zips via http. But in a sense, you're right. Pointing at scripts, and basic how-to-download-from-subversion documents doesn't alleviate the general problem that seemed to be people simply not acting in an intelligent manner. But I could be wrong. :)
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    Quote from Daagar »

      Care to share it? While a chunk of us probably have no issue creating our own script, I'm guessing a larger chunk do. It could almost be a mod in it's own right - a simple script ala curse-gaming where you mark your 'favorites' and it indicates if there is a new zip available.

      If nothing else, it would let this thread die and people could link to the script in their signature to taunt the newbies.

    Gladly, however I'll note that it's not a simple fire-and-forget script. There's some variables that need to be populated with proper file paths. Additionally, it's PHP script and uses *nix shell commands (unzip, mv), so its unlikely to run unmodified on a typical Windows system. I'm not actually sure what would be required to get it running. (I run OS X myself)

    So yeah, here it is, good luck with it. :)
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