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    Hi - I've been searching through the forums as best I can and have googled the topic but to limited avail. Apologies in advance if I've missed an obvious answer to this question....

    Q: Is it possible to show on the target frame the numerical value that represents the range to the target.

    I've had a play with the text options in the Target Frame, have set up a new text item called "Range", set it to appear to the outisde middle right of the frame, and used the dogtag [Range] but cant get a value to show.

    I've done a basic check to show the frame is working by adding the text "Dist: " in front of the dogtag and sure enough the text appears - but alas, no value.

    I have also checked and the library "RangeCheck" is enabled under the main Pitbull settings.

    Am I going mad or just a bit fick ?
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    posted a message on kgPanels Offical Thread
    Megga apols if this question is documented somewhere / already been asked.

    I've had eePanels running for some time now with a simple setup - nothing flashy just some background boxes and some borders to mark out a section at the bottom of my screen for my buttons etc.

    Will kgPanels allow me to import my layout from eePanels or will I have to re-draw the layout. If the latter, are there any tricks (ie printing out the detail from the eePanels config files) that might help me. It was a L O N G time ago that I set up the layout :)


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    Hi - just come across Aloft and its awesome - but I gues you hear that a lot :)

    I'm running it alongside a number of other addons including PitBull and Mobinfo2.

    Under PitBull target frame I use the tag [CurrHP] / [MaxHP] ([PercentHP:Percent]) to show the hp in the format 2000 / 4000 (50%). (nothing sexy I know :))

    Is there a similar way to do this under Aloft - if so I can retire my HUD.

    I currently have Health Text enabled under Healt Bar, Mode = Full which populates Advanced>Format with [Health:Short:Suffix("/")][MaxHealth:Short:Suffix(" (")][HealthPercent]%[Health:")"]
    If friendly nameplates are selected I get exactly what I want on friendly bars (guild mates for example) - however when I target a mob I just get the percentage.

    I have version r41825 loaded



    PS - I've scanned thru the previous threads so megga apologies if its in there.
    PPS - if you're building a petition to find out who else is interested in the range increase add my name to the list :) sounds like a real tough one to crack.
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