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    posted a message on SpellBinder - TBC Actionbar-Free Key Binds
    thx,just looking for a addon like this.
    download and will test soon.
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    posted a message on otravi_Cooldowns 1.0.0 [30.07.06]
    It's a great addons.but i have a problem.
    I'm aleady using Bartender2.but when i hiden my bar-4,then spell on that can't be scaned by oCD.
    Bartender2 r14621 with oCD r15327.
    May be a bug here.

    Quote from haste »

    Unlike other cooldown mods, oCD does not scan the spellbook for cooldowns. The only scanning oCD does is when you learn a new skill and at login. This is to build up a list of 'valid' cooldowns, it's not really needed, but it prevents ghsot cooldowns due to unsupported mods, it also prevents your wand from showing the global cooldown on every single spell you have.
    The way oCD works is by hooking the function which spawns the clock model on the action button, it uses the information provided to start a timer (it's also working it's way through the parents to figure out which ID the action button has). When you hide a button with Bongos, this function does not fire however, at least not until the button is visible again (which is why it pops up when you show it).
    There are workarounds of course:
    1. Change your actionbar add on to Bartender2, or Card_Bars, both uses the default blizzard action bar UI, so they will spawn cooldowns even if the button is hidden.
    2. Use any of then other alternatives you have regarding cooldown mods: CDT or Shag's coolDown. There are others, but those are the only two I could remember, both are also Ace2 add on if it matters for you.

    Regarding what will be added to oCD:
    - A blacklist
    - Grouping, most likely in two forms:
          - Several cooldowns under one bar (example: Retaliation, Recklessness, Shield Wall).
          - Own bar group for a set of cooldowns.
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    posted a message on Is there any ace2'd nurfed bindings Utility?
    It's direct binding a hotkey for a spell/skill find in your spellbook,
    ignore the physical address that it on which action bar and in which slot.
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