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    Quote from Seerah
    1. You may want a link to the download page :)
    2. Correct me if I'm wrong, but you are only setting the alpha of the minimap, correct? This will make it so that the minimap is still there (just invisible) and will intercept mouse clicks, ping the minimap if you click it, etc. (I glanced at your code on WoWI.)

    Whoops, I probably should link to the download.
    And yeah, I should probably add an option to make it click-though while in combat.
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    ScaredyMap is an extremely lightweight (7kb memory usage) addon that will hide your map when you enter combat.


    Feel free to leave feature suggestions or opinions.
    I try to implement most, if not all suggested features. :)

    What does ScaredyMap do?

    ScaredyMap can be configured in the Interface Options, or by the slash commands '/smp' or '/scaredymap'.
    You can also use ScaredyMap to change the opacity of your minimap when not in combat, or set it to only dim the minimap rather than completely hiding it.

    Troubleshooting / Bugs:

    Before submitting a bug report, please try closing the WoW client, deleting the ScaredyMap data from your WTF folder, reopen the WoW client, click the "Reset Data" button in the options pane, then reload your UI with the "/reload" command.

    If this fails to fix the problem, please leave a bug report in the ticketing system, not in the comments, and it helps greatly to leave a list of addons you are using.

    The WTF data can be found in "World of Warcraft \ WTF \ Account \ ACCOUNT_NAME \ SavedVariables \ ScaredyMap.lua"

    Who is responsible for all this?

    This addon was created by Rippled of Illidan Horde - US.
    If you like ScaredyMap, you can also check out my other addon, Daily To-Do's.

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    Version 1.8a now uploaded.
    Improved tooltip display.
    Quest tracking across characters/realms/factions shown in tooltips.
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    You can hide the minimap button.
    Also, yes, I agree that I need to filter some of the cata dailies, that will be coming in the a new update soon
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    Version 1.6a with announcement of quest completion available shortly.
    Blizzard Raid Warning, Mik's Scrolling Battle Text and Parrot supported currently.
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    I already do, as far as I know.
    All faction-related dailies I already support.
    Kinda random PvP dailies I chose to exclude.
    I should have pretty much everything else.
    I just wrote a small script to parse through Wowhead pages. Luckily the javascript stores the quests in a similar format to Lua, so I could easily modify it with the script, and voila, 400+ dailies' data.

    Attached my lua file containing all my parsed quest data.
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    Daily To-Do's

    What does Daily To-Do's do?
    Daily To-Do's is an addon designed to keep of the many dailies you may be completing across many characters and/or factions. It is an easy way to make sure you are always doing all your daily objectives, whether profession, reputation or other daily repeatable objectives.

    Open by typing the slash command, /dtd, or by using the minimap icon. Daily To-Do's is an addon designed to help keep track of the daily objectives you need to complete. I originally created this addon as a tool to help myself remember to do all my daily quests and heroic runs.

    WoW Insider:
    Daily To-Do's was recently featured on WoW Insider.
    Addon Spotlight: Planning My Day Around Daily To-Do's

    Upcoming Features:
    • Announcement of quest/objective completion
    • More memory use reduction
    • Improved tracking for certain dailies. (Such as Tol Barad)
    • The ability to track the farming of heroic instances
    • Changes to deal with new dailies and mechanics in 4.1

    More Images:

    You can download from Curse
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