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    There is a simple solution to the combat chat frames disappearing. Untick the auto join guild box in advanced ui options.

    This is what is causing it. Blizzard know about the problem and are supposedly going to fix it next patch.

    I get the disappearing box problem regardless of whether this button is ticked or not. It usually happens after zoning. It's not a SimpleCombatLog problem though as it still happens with NurfedCombatLog, or with most of my addons disabled :(
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    Quote from bse »

    Quote from Maneko »

    Quote from Mimesis »

    an idea that i had, that may be well suited for a module, is a small bar above the grid display to show more detailed info about the grid unit that your mouse is currently over.

    Lol didn't I just suggest this very same idea like 5 posts back?

    And now check Page 3 post #2! All credit goes to bse! I win!

    ...but pictures speak a thousand words... /cheer Mimesis
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