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    posted a message on AceComm is channel 1
    Hi :)

    Thanks, that helped me ^^

    In my case, I just kicked "Dailies Quest Tracker" a few minutes ago.
    (the last rev. of this day)

    Bye !

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    posted a message on BigWigs
    Hi there ^^

    Hmmm can somebody add a mind control check to lucifron module please ?
    You know, the adds MC the players. Mi idea was to put the skull+another icon on the players that are MC'ed

    Today I recorded the combatlog, and found this :

    12/13 21:44:14.406 Flamewaker Protector begins to cast Dominate Mind.
    12/13 21:44:15.546 Kinchouka is afflicted by Dominate Mind.
    12/13 21:44:17.968 Dominate Mind fades from Kinchouka.

    Is it possible to add it to lucifron module please ?
    (it's like the baron geddon bomb thingy)

    Thanks ^^
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