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    Currently i'm working alot in AH business and i use the following mail addons:

    Postal: autoopen all mail
    Quick Auctions 3: automail set group of items to set recipients

    Is there an addon i can use to search for an item in the mailbox and then it automatically jumps to or highlights the corresponding item in the mailbox if it exists? I have a huge craftqueue and my mailbox is constently cluttered and manuelly searching in the mailbox is a pain.

    Another request: qa3 can automail recipients i set with specific items. But what if i have like 100 of each eternal fire/water/etc in my bag and each character (like 4 of them) needs different amounts or none of them? If i set qa3 to automail eternal fire to char A, only char A gets all of it, that's not good.
    Dream of mine would be an addon that e.g. mails 1/4 of eternal fire to char A, 1/4 to char B and 1/2 to char C, all automatically, just like qa3.

    Currently I manually distribute stuff to chars if not one char gets all of it. Annoying.

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    Hi there, i always use the newest alpha version of Grid 2. I know it is alpha. But still, read on.

    - is there a way to hack in icons with no cooldown spiral either into the WTF or addon files?

    - border for indicators is not working properly, shows up as border with alpha value 0 (invisible), even though i set border color

    - deleting indictors does not give immidiate user feedback, requires rlui so that changes are seen

    - i noticed that settings are not saved correctly in a lot of cases. Prioritys of statuses (on indicators) switch randomly or so it seems and sometimes a status i click "+" or "-" on will not just switch 1 up/down, but seomwhere completely else. I also had the case of creating an account wide status, but it was only available on the char i created it on. The same is the case with indicators. Account wide indicators would often be available only on the char i created them. I know it is an alpha, but this makes the GUI completely unuseable. Even in an alpha i do not want to revert to only editing WTF files with a text editor.

    Then i looked into the Grid2.lua and Grid2Options.lua WTF/settings files and began to edit only the Grid2Options.lua directly instead, making myself a perfectly clean Grid2 setting for all my 4 healing chars, only by text editor (Grid2 GUI is useless). Indead, i noticed that the settings done by the GUI were messed up in a lot of cases (I saw it directly, the addon was writing stuff into wrong places in the file), it's much better to edit these files directly (except for finetuning locations, colors..).

    But there are still some things about these files i don't understand.

    Why are Grid2 and Grid2Options nearly identical (except for "setup-flat" and "setup-layers")? Isn't that redudant?

    I started by making a clean Grid2Options.lua file (the Grid2.lua file would automatically be created later from this file, because of redudant data, unless someone can tell me otherwise), then i started WoW, but it only copied the data for 1 char (the one I first logged into) into a new Grid2.lua file. So what I did was I started WoW each time for each of my healing chars with the Grid2Options.lua file I made and let it create a new Grid2.lua for each of my healing chars. Then i merged these 4 seperat Grid2.lua files into one.

    I now have a clean Grid2 setup but it was hell of a lot of work and unfortunately I could not use the Grid2 GUI because it screws up the settings on a lot of things.

    Grid2 reads its WTF files correctly, but edits them incorrectly when saving settings.

    This is an urgent request: please fix these bugs before adding ANY new features to Grid2. Otherwise it really is a pain in the ass to set it up by editing the WTF files manually. I know I want to use Grid2 and will not go back to Grid1, because the structure I saw in the WTF files convinced me that Grid2 is superior. But I really exclusively want to use the GUI actually.
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