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    posted a message on WowAceUpdater - An update tool for Windows users.
    Would it be possible to have an option to copy the downloaded archives to a specified directory instead of deleting them.

    I like to keep a copy of the addons installed, makes it easy for backups and for rolling back versions if problems occur in current versions.
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    posted a message on Prefered format of the new forums. PLEASE VOTE!
    Quote from Ammo »

    I think there should be a limited amount of sub categories:

    Raid Addons
    Frame Addons (Unitframe/Skins etc)
    Class Addons
    Interface (SCT, Actionbars, FuBar, OneBag etc)
    Other.. (can be the main addon forums


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    posted a message on ArcHUD 2.2 (2007-06-11)
    Love the addon.

    I would like the option to keep nameplate text, but disable the hover and click actions. I want to be able to see a numerial indicator in the nameplate, but the hover tooltip and right click options get in the way.
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    posted a message on vChat
    Nice n lean. Does everything I was looking for without the extras.
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