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    noob question - can we use LPT to filter BoE items? I am looking through the files, but didn't see anything. I used to have baggins set up, nicely, where all my BoE drops were nicely grouped together.
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    I know you are trying to keep this minimalist and I respect that, but is there any chance we will see some custom auto sorting filters at some point? I would really like to be able to have it keep all my BoE and BoP gear drops separate for when I hit the mailbox to send them off to my enchanter alt. I like the manual filters and they're great for gathered mats, but they won't help with BoE item drops.

    Is this someone that someone can do with a plugin?
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    Quote from siemal
    It "almost" solved it. Was getting "Garaddon's Darkspear Raptor", but i wanted only "Garaddon". After a quick tutorial for gsub i achieved what i wanted;P
    However for raid frame it was a bit tricky to resolve driver's unitId.
    Not sure if this has been addressed somewhere else, but could you share what you did to get this? The VehicleName issue is the only thing I dont like about my current Pitbull setup. I have looked around and can't seem to find the info I need to fix it.
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