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    posted a message on WoW Matrix?

    I have been following this thread, and as I posted on WoWinterface, I have warned all of my guildmates away from using WoWmatrix. At leadt 10 of them have dropped using this updater already. ok

    It seems that more and more people are conscious of the issue. Ok, good too.

    But it got me to thinking, I am on a french server in a french guild. Most of the people I know are not followers of addon forums and get lost reading the english dominant mod sites, and barely understand how to configure their own mods.

    Awarenes of the problem is most of the battle here. And a LOT of non-english language speaking players find something that works, and stick with it, and are not even aware that a problem exists (I sure didn't).

    So, unless I'm missing something, there are lots of players in french, german, chinese, spanish, korean serveurs etc in the world right now who use or will use WoWMatrix unwittingly.

    I could post something on the official Bliz forums in French (unless someone feels thats not a good idea?^^) this weekend, and if a post could get up in all languages, that might make a dent in "developing" markets for WoWmatrix. I'm sure these post would get bumped by enough people to stay high on the forum lists, lowering numbers of potential new users of WoWmatrix, and hopefully encouraging others to stop using it. Or has this already been done?

    After all if you reduce the number of end-users, WoWmatrix's profitability would suffer non? That might get to them after awhile ;)
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    posted a message on Are you lost? Attempt at an overview/FAQ
    ok - thanks guys - I guess that means that I will post this (have to translate to french - confusion is a little higher for the people that can' read english^^) on our guilde site.

    WoWAce serveur no longer will be hosting updated addons on their serveur, and recommends author hosting at Curse gaming server. WoWAce recommends you go to curse for latest versions.

    If you have been loading your addons with the library files "non-embeded" (option no external for updaters -- 1) backup your addon directory 2) delete libray directories (names beginnin with Lib*) 3) re-download all addons manually to ensure library files are embeded in the folder of each mod

    Updaters using wowace serveurs, although in development, will not fucntion except to download the last available versions posted on the WoWAce serveur before it was locked. This could be very temporary too.

    It is highly recommended to not wait to start downloading > patch 3.0x addons, as traffic will be very dense near patch day at Curse (save to different folder^^ will not work until the patch is in place.

    Is this about right?? If i start telling them that some version will be available without embeds, they will just get confused and not update their adds I think or screw up.
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    posted a message on Are you lost? Attempt at an overview/FAQ
    I need to know what to do with my addons on a "no-external" basis during the transition as a user (non-author). Library files are separted from all my addons.

    Do I have to update all my library files individually (and edit out the lib folder for each addon)??

    OR, until a "no external" option is available, erase all libary files from my addon folders, and manually update every addon with the libray file included??

    I noticed the Omen on the curse site has a nolib download available.

    Please help. Or a link to another post maybe??

    Thanks in advance (but I think this would be nice in a FAQ) My apologies in advance if this is the wrong thread however.
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    posted a message on incominghealslib
    Quote from jonsnow »

    is this library continued...

    I've got this error :

    [2007/07/02 20:38:52-227-x2]: IncomingHealsLib-1.0-28719:295: attempt to perform arithmetic on field 'amount' (a nil value)

    me too and when running HealBot?? -- anyone know what to do here?? don't know if I should remove it or not?? When disabled the error still repeats itself ... thanks in advance
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    posted a message on PallyPower - Official Thread
    Question minor buff--

    I have no problem configuring buffs for all the pals in a raid simple, great stuff, can't live without it. But I can't seem to figure out how to set the minor buffs on other people? Easy for myself, I just use my scroll wheel over my name in the main window. But for the other pals? I was told that this can be done?!

    Can anyone give me a "how-to" on this please? thanks much in advance.
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    posted a message on Grid
    Hate to ask a question that was answered before, but its gotten so frustrating and I think it is because of my french version of grid, that I can't find how to do certain things.

    I am having a problem with transparency of the health bar too, while keeping the class colors.

    Priority 1 - I want the health bar to be at an alpha of 25% when health is greater than 98% (in otherwords, fully opaque as soon as they start taking any damage -

    Secondarily, I want th health bars to become transparent when people are out of range 40 meters or more --

    - almost full health = transparent. AND out of range = transparent using class colours

    No problem with AFK, off line, dead status, because there is an alpha scale slider for colors other than the class colours.

    I read a post on the Elitist jerks forum where you can edit the range status indicator lua, but for the transparent if full health I am lost (I see it on other peoples UIs however.

    I have spent so much time fooling around with this maybe it is a probleme with priority settings. So I probably should start from scratch.

    Could anyone help me with this (it might help the person above for his 100% transparency too ) ? And maybe indicate certain rules on priority settings if needed.

    THX so much in advance but I've searched for hours and the french to english is killing me lol.
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    posted a message on Help me with pitbull plz
    heu make sure the module is loading

    afterwards you can set portrait or other options by category name (Player, Target etc) and Bar

    as you can see along with my player bar, I do NOT want any portraits anywhere so the box is not check and the portrait module does not load.

    if you didn't click the portrait module box you won't see any options related to this (you will NOT see a main option about portraits regardless - in your screen you are looking at the offsets for just your Auras^^ pretty esoteric option that one) spend the time to click on ALL the options for player at least -- for each bar Health then icons etc, you can then copy your tweaks to other bars.

    Recommend you load all modules, config your frames, and then take off the modules you don't need/want until you know the mod better. (the older layout imports could cause some headaches too, as I said before.

    (im on a french server so the menu is a bit screwy but you get the drift I think)

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    posted a message on Help me with pitbull plz
    Quote from Forin »

    I cant seem to get the little pictures of people chars in the frame. I can not find no option of doing this and i have copied peoples settings this is wat it looks like when i copy it and import the lay out to my player frames can anyone plz help me do i need to dl another add on or something.


    looks like you have loaded an "old" layout (bar just to left of the minimap)? Try importing a newer one from the post-it to check. If that is not the case, there is an option to toggle off/on protrait (for all bars and for each individual bar - but this might be screwy if you have imported one of the old layouts.
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    posted a message on PallyPower - Official Thread
    Are you on an english language server?? Had the same problem in French that you had, since the localisation file was fixed.

    Might try and look at the follow-up to my screen shot (page 19) which gives a hot-fix -- problem with bliz codes and greater Blessings (you did get the newest version from ACE right?)
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    posted a message on [Pittbull] Macro to disable raid frames??
    Quote from Seerah »

    Not sure if the CombatFader module in PitBull will work for you... Have you tried it? Does it work for Raid frames and does it let you fade out while in combat instead of fade in?

    There are also numerous mods that let you hide/show frames based on combat status. I can never remember their names, though.

    Thx and yes Ive tried it, but I've found that this takes up more memory (not verified^^), and does not always work under certain circumstances (definately "verfied" :p ).

    All I want is to toggle the activate/disable option for the raid frames, which you can do from the config menu (dewdrop?)by clicking the box with a keybind or macro.
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    posted a message on [Pittbull] Macro to disable raid frames??
    hmm .. maybe a very dumb question or maybe I didn't explain what I wanted to do.

    I use Pitbull for my Player, Target, Targets Target, and Party Frames.

    I only need to see the raid frames Out of combat (I use grid or Healbot depending on my moods incombat ^^ and ORA2 for everything else)

    Why just out of combat -- easier to change groupes, buff checks, status afk, res, off line etc. I currently just use sraid frames for this with a short-cut from the Blis menu to hide the raid frames. And don't like messing with Grid for that (too small, getting old :p)

    I don't want to load both addons, certainly just to see these raid frames once every 5 minutes.

    I thought there would either be an option (obvious and everybody would flame me for not taking the time to find it myself lol. Or I could just make a simple macro bound to a key ( like /pitbull raidframes disable). The only command lines I can see are /pitbull which just brings up the config UI.

    Not mission critical, but there's gotta be a way. (or if not would somebody just say "nan, noob, can't work"

    thx in advance

    Thx in advance
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    posted a message on [Pittbull] Macro to disable raid frames??
    Im sure there is a way ....

    Just would like to make a shortcut to hide and show the raid frames . (don't use them in combat)

    Could somesone steer me in the right direction?? Couldn't find it anywhere.

    Thanks in advance

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    posted a message on KA_RaidTracker
    Couldn't find another thread for this .... I do have question however.

    I use the addon downloaded from the MLDKP site http://www.mldkp.net/index.php?option=com_smf&Itemid=10&topic=65.0(purportedly the people who continued the original addon ?????) This works.

    Another guildmate downloaded the KA version from ace. This works too.

    Is this the same project just gone "ACE" ? I would much prefer to use the ace version, but right now it seems prudent to keep both alive unless they are indeed the same project. Very little comm on the Mdksite.

    No problems were noted for my guild (french serveur)for the KA version and its export into eqdkp (we don't log boss kill dkp however? The only thing that doesn't seem to work is the function /rt io for item filters. And item stats (but that probably has nothing to do with the add -- probably a "french problem" or my eqdkp config.

    Maybe an official thread would be a good idea??

    Nice to see there is an aced version
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    posted a message on PallyPower - Official Thread
    Quote from Aznamir »

    Well, for now please manually change the line 697 in PallyPower.lua
    rank = tonumber(rank)

    rank = 1

    this worked for me on the french server ... thank you sooo much!!! manually buffing raid members would have made me quit the game :)assigning or at least seeing the minor buffs wold make this add perfect and Blizz would steal it and put it in their UI lool

    merci bcp

    also did not ned to unchack greater buffs
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    posted a message on PallyPower - Official Thread
    Quote from Aznamir »

    I'm not aware of any issues with english version. You're the first who reported an issue with french server, but without a screenshot it is pointless.

    of course you are right sorry .. lua error reference ligne 698 PallyPower.lua

    can you help??
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