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    posted a message on GHI and Ace3 issue on russian servers
    Dear WowAce team, there is an issue with GHI (Gryphonheart items) 1.0.2 - 1.1.3 and Ace3 addons. The problem is that the trade option of GHI doesn’t work on russian servers. When we try to trade we recieve message “The trade recipient is busy”. My friend reported this bug to GHI team and there’s their answer: “We are aware of one problem that effects russians in particular. It is regarding communication to players who got special characters in their names. Currently they can not receive any addon communication from GHI. This is due to a bug in AceComm, which is a 3rd party library. In other words we sadly can not do much and will have to await a fix from their side.” (http://www.pilus.info/cms/phpbb/viewtopic.php?t=2651). Over month passed from that answer and that bug is still not fixed. I hope you can fix it and sorry if I wrote this on a wrong part of forum.
    P.S. Sorry for bad English, I tried my best.
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