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    I personally tried the Curse downloader and installer and just didn't like it. Across the board, you have to use Curse and WoWUI just to get the latest updates, and as posted before, not all updates are current on those sites, but with one installer, one an installer that I don't need to have running in background to use, I can get all the latest updates as they come out.

    I know that these things aren't always up to par and can break things, that is fine with me. This is a community and as such, devs and users should be working together to ensure that the devs can create and distribute the best possible addons available to the community.

    Currently, WoWAce is the only place you can get that. Users post, devs fix, and everyone is happy. That is not to say that there aren't the select group of eggheads that have no idea how a beta works, much less what it means.

    I would hate to loose the ability to download addons through WAU, but if it meant that devs and selected users could work together to get out the best possible addons, then I would be for making the WAU something that could only be downloaded by certain individuals. I'm not sure how you could filter out people from using the updater, but I would support something like that for the best possible addons.

    My only concern is that, as stated before, not all devs post on release sites, or they don't keep them up to date and this causes an issue for EUs. So how do we ensure that devs post stable releases on release sites? You can't make them, so the only thing to do would be to make a release section here at WoWAce, but as stated before that will not happen, so how do we combine restricted access to alpha/beta release and stable releases so that both the Dev and EU are both happy?
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    Quote from Slakah »

    Blizzard are implementing a central config thingy in 2.4. As for compatibility I fail to see how using rock or ace2 would prevent compatibility issues.

    What I meant by compatability, is that all of the Ace2/3 addons that I have installed can be configured through the Rock addon preferences. Which in retrospec I suppose would make sense, since Rock is based off Ace2. As for the the Central Config "thingy" in 2.4, I wasn't aware of that.
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    Here is what it looks like and below a list of Addons. Also PerformanceFu is shown to show the performance information for these addons.


    Here is the list of addons that I currently have installed to include non Ace/Rock.

    Auctioneer (Complete Addon)
    Babble 2.2 (With 17 "Modules", ie Boss, Class, Faction..etc)
    Bagnon (Forever, Options, Tooltips)
    BeanCounter (Part of Auctioneer I think)
    BtmScan (Came with Auctioneer) (Couldn't this be treated as an embed)
    Enchantrix (Auctioneer)
    FuBar 3.0 (Ammo, BagFu,ClockFu, Durability, Exit, Factions, Friends, XP, Garbage, GarbagePrices, Guild, Honor, Mail, MCP, Money, Nametoogle, Ninjut, Performance, Petinfo, Poisons, Reload, TopScore, Trainer, TrinityBars, Textures)
    Prat 2.0
    StatLogicLib(An addon required this, but didn't come with it, so I had to place it in the addon folder manually.)
    Talented (w/ Data, DrDamage, Loader)
    WIM (WIM Options)

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    As I have previously posted in this thread, I'm not a developer, but am tring to learn, I am mainly a user. But I read and reread OP's post and decided I would try and find out for myself, if I could see a difference, from a users standpoint of using Ace/Rock.

    To do this, I setup 3 different Interface folders. 1 contianing Ace addons, 1 containing Rock addons (for this I used only ckknight addons), and 1 folder with a mix of Ace/Rock (again ckknight addons only for Rock) addons.

    Ace wise, it was straight forward. What you would expect from using an Ace addon. ONly had one issue with an Ace addon and it was common across all interfaces, EnvenomX. The author failed to add an Ace3 lib to the lib directory.

    Running Rock addons, all made by ckknight, worked flawlessly. Of course it is what you would expect from a single author.

    In the 3rd run using a mix of both frameworks, I found no noticeable issues. Everything seemed to work well together. Using the Rock addon preferences menu showed all of the addons that were installed be it Ace or Rock. I found that it was all easy to use, understand, and that everything worked well together. When I get off work I will edit this post with the addons that I am using.

    I am now currently working on my forth interface folder, which will include addons such as Carbonite and Auctioneer to see if I can find any issues there. That will mean that Cartographer will have to come out, since Cart and Carbonite don't play well together.

    While as a user, I can certainly see the reason for a standalone addon, I can also see the advantages of using a framework. While there may be a difference of opinions on how a framework should act and how it should handle libs and such, the one think that both seem to offer cross compatability. I am sure that this is because Rock is based off of Ace2, but in the future as both Rock and Ace continue to grow, I would hope that this cross compatablility will continue to exist. From a standalone point of view, I would like to see those standalones be able to be placed within the realm of Ace/Rock in a way in which configuration can be done using a common Config system. Even if that were to mean that only one common Config system were developed that all developers could utilize to allow users to configure addons from one central location. Khaos, Addon Preferences (Rock), Duece Commander, it all gets pretty chaotic having to use this utility to do one thing, then another to do something else.

    Overall, I personally saw no difference between using Rock/Ace or a combination of the two, other than the means in which I configured the addons.
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    Quote from tekkub »

    Moving to "real" releases you can get 2 and 3 and just drop 1 completely. "Bleeding edge" should require an SVN checkout really. Beta and full releases should be a more tested process... I.E. the dev makes a rash of changes, makes sure everything is working at least for him, then pushes a beta out which users who specifically enable beta updates would then catch from the updater.

    The perpetual-alpha/beta state that WAU just perpetuates kinda sucks in the long run.

    I have read this entire thread word for word up to this point and had to commit here. I am an end user. I have read what youhave said Tekkub and with most I agree with it. But here is my arguement to this commit and a possible "work around". First off, if EU having access to the SVN is causing dev's a headache because we get access to "beta/alpha" version that are not really meant for EU, then why have a publically released updater? Second, my proposal to potentially solve this is to perhaps give EU a choice in what they DL. Perhaps the EU can only download completed and stable addons and not have access to the SVN. The other option would be too allow the updater to offer a choice of DL, ie beta/alpha vs. stable. As an EU and not a devloper...yet, I find that sometimes having cutting edge updates to be nice. I also recognize that there are inherient dangers that go along with it...PC catches fire....but it would also be nice to know which addons are stable as well. I know that there are other sites to get stable releases from, but users want to use something that they feel is a reliable place to get quality addons. An updater that offers the choice for EU to dl stable/unstable addons IMO is a good idea.

    But this is just my opinion and at the end of the day, as long as I have access to the files here I will get them, but I will openly acknowledge my one down fall....generally speaking, if an addon that I updated caused issues then I uninstall it and move on. Having done beta testing for several games I should know better and for that I apoligize and will be sure to start posting any issues that I have with addons in these forums to help you guys provide better quality addons for me and the rest of the community. Basically, my PC is your PC...just don't set fire to it...:P
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    Quote from Lyn »

    This thread is about wow interfaces, not about how awesome linux or my sexy night elf in tight jeans is... :p

    (go into Desktop screenshots for this discussion plx plx)

    I stand abashed at my off topicness.....:P
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    Quote from Slakah »

    I personally prefer mods of which disabling/enabling it is your only option or a minimal option set in an intuitive frame, these mods once wrote (well) very rarely break, i.e Hide Gryphon, teknicolor (and pretty much all of tek's mods), Xart, View port type mods, Jim's Cooldown Pulse, cladhaire's stuff etc.

    I also don't like the idea addons which are modular when they don't actually need to be say Automaton (I think the name is) which is basically a compilation of other existing mods stuck together.

    but I can see the attraction of a central set of options through waterfall, and the lure of the autoupdating WAU seems to seal the deal. It's all about finding mods to suite your needs.

    well said and I do agree that there are sonme great mods out there that work very nicely, but even under Ace, not all authors are making addons that are compatible with other Aced addons. The majority of all my addons are Aced, while a few are not. But to me, being able to pick and choose entire packages with all of its modules and being able to pick and choose which modules I want in single key strokes without having to wonder if it is compatible or not and wondering if there are other addons that do the same thing, is worth the effort. Even if it was nothing more than sub categories as I mentioned before through WAU to let me know that all addons in this specific sub category do the same thing or not. Perhaps even something such as am EQCompare type deal built into WAU to let me know that Option A compared to Option B offers me these things then show a list of "modules" that work with it. For example FuBar comapred to Titan. Which has a smaller footprint MB wise at the core level, then what FuBar "modules", such as FuAmmo exist, and does Titan have a Titan Ammo. Then it could even be expanded even further to say ok, I have choose Fubar with X addons in total the footprint is XX MBs, if I choose Titan with comparable addons, the MB footprint is XX MBs. I would even be willing to offer my WoW install in help gather this data if need be. I know that it is alot work to create something like this, but it is something that I myself would be willing to participate in even if it meant that the only thing that I could do would be to reasearch this for developers. I have no problem offering my time or my PC for this task. If I could code, I would help out there as well, but the closet I ever came to coding was on the C64 system way back when you could input line code...:P....so what, I'm an old forker....Had Pong too...:P.
    Quote from Seerah »

    Let's not forget that Cartographer is *not* an Ace2 addon. I meant to point that out in your other thread, Kraevac - that not everything here is "Ace'd". Cartographer uses the Rock libraries, so (if you are using embedded libraries) you are seeing the library usage included in there. Probably the library usage of FuBar, too, since FuBar is not an Ace2 addon, but a Rock addon.

    Plus, there have been "Ace'd" mods that were not compatible with other "Ace'd" mods or just plain aren't well-written. Framework doesn't matter. I've said it before, I'll say it again. Good coders write good addons. Shitty coders write shitty addons. Doesn't matter whether they use a framework or not. There are plenty of Ace2 addons that are not hosted here, and there are plenty of addons hosted here that are not Ace2.

    I was basically using Cart as an example because it is one of the largest addon groups available that I have seen. However, I didn't know that it wasn't and Aced addon. But you have shown me why I get so many damn Rock errors, particularly when using the Addon Preferences menu on Fubar. Thanks for instilling some knowledge in me. I, to my fault, assumed that all the addons here at WoWAce were Aced addons.

    I suppose what I really want is something more uniform and intuitive. Perhaps just hope and dreams of an old fool...:P
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    Quote from Moon Witch »

    Don't you mean Suse?

    p3lim, try Ubuntu, Fedora Core whatever number they're at, Gentoo is very good - but less newcomer friendly. If you wanna go really droolworthy, Arch, Debian, ... Oh there's so many distro's.. (http://www.distrowatch.com take a look at most of those.)

    Yes Suse is what I meant, thanks for the correction.
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    posted a message on Why Acing/Rocking addons is good
    Quote from Elsia »

    It is very interesting though because it really highlights the difference between what some addon devs want and what some users want.

    Some users basically want easy to pick and easy to use. Slim&fast really is only a category when slow becomes noticable. And many addon users have considerable tolerance for addon loading time.

    Though in honesty a lot of addon authors just want to provide exactly what users want, easy to pick and use addons. But at the same time make sure that things are nice under the hood so to speak. For example a single-directory Cartographer that allows to enable/disable features would very well be possible in a slim and fast way if we had multiple LoDs per addon folder... and addon authors here and elsewhere of course have asked for exactly that for pretty much this reason. The balcanization of addon folders to allow load-modularity isn't really that desirable for addon authors and users alike.

    I fully support the slim and fast option, however, if you take (again) Cartographer and compare it against another Map/Quest addon such as Carbonite, what you have is Cartographer using alot of memory, while Carbonite offers alot fo the same functionality as Cartographer with about half the MBs. Granted, Carbonite doesn't offer everything that Cart does, but it does offer somethings that users do like. I also applaud the Carb team for working with the community to get more compatability between Carb and Cart.

    But as Elisa said, with the GUIs that are available now and the several LoD addons that are available, it would be nothing to be able to load and unload "modules". Its easy, simplistic, and done right, user friendly. That is one of the reasons that Ace is so popular now. It add simplicity to addons that are Aced. I just feel that there is more room for improvement and I personally think that Ace is the Avenue to make that possible.

    I see in Ace the ability to have a single core GUI with the functionality of a Windows installer type program. By that I mean, lets say you use the WAU to install Cart, once you select Install/Update it asks you if you would like to addon any other Cart "modules". The user then gets the option to select these "modules" at install. Additionally, if Cart were made to allow WAU to "prewrite" the TOC or LUA, (as appropriate)to turn on/off selected/deselected "modules", then what you could have is a slim/fast addon with what you asked for in one addon. That means no more 4-15 different Cart addons all taking away from your your MBs.

    I agree with slim/fast, but right now, slim and fast is limited to the number of addons that a user feels he/she must have in order to customize and play the way that best suits them. Additionally, one other function that I feel would be very useful in WAU is for addons to be broken down into sub categories. Like Interface Enchancment ---> Action Bars. I have had it happen to me that some addons were badly identified by the authors and I ended up with two addons that were basically the same. Further classification could also help users ensure that they aren't adding on something that is already similar to an addon that they already use.

    Again, just my opinion.
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    Quote from p3lim »

    Gonna dualboot with some linux soon, but which one?

    And im using sata..

    RedHat is generally thought of as the best, then probably SASU might be next. Your other option, that you might want to try to "break" you into Linux is Lindows. It is a Windows/Linux hybrid. I have personnaly never tried it, but I have read reviews and it gets pretty good ones. Think Windows with a Unix Kernal....oh wait, someone did that...Apple...lol. At any rate, I used (past tense) SASU 9. It would autoupdate as long as you were connected to the internet. So it is completely practical to think that whatever route you take, it will update during install to ensure that it has the right everything for your hardware.
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    I'm kind of new to all this addon stuff, but what I have noticed through different addon sites, is that different strokes for different folks. Some people like Cosmos, it has some nice features, some people, like myself use Carbonite instead of Cartographer, QuestHelper, and all the various addons that go with them. People want easy to use, slimmed down, straight to the point, install and play plugins/addons that add useful and feature rich content to their gaming experience.

    I have found that I generally opt for Ace2 addons for compatability purposes. I also use other addons that aren't always Aced. Of course, this generally adds its own unique problems, and sometimes causing errors. If that occurs in my case, I look for an Aced addon that does the same thing.

    My only great big issue with Aced items right now, is that there are so many addons to different things that it is almost impossible to know which is which anymore.

    Take Cartographer for example. There are so many outside addons for Cartographer, that if it weren't Aced, it would have almost no fuctionality at all, however the downside is that because there are so many addons for the Parent addon that if someone drops the ball on an "module" then the whole thing is broken.

    I wish that some of these larger addons, such as Cartographer came as a complete package in one folder with an intergrated lua/toc and whatever else is need. Then through a GUI, such as Ace/Waterfall or the likes, we could just pick the options that we want without having to worry about installing various addons for the same parent addon.

    I love WAU, it allows me to install stuff quickly and efficently. In addition to that, it allows me to remove what I have installed and CLEAN MY SAVEDVARIBLES. I love this feature. The only thing that I would like to see added to it, would for it to scan my addons folder, see what I have, and offer comparable Aced versions. That would be great.
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    Quote from p3lim »

    Microsoft + random on 1, wow on another?

    Anyways, im running a singlecore 3500+ myself, wanna upgrade my comp some day :/

    3500+ (2,2 oc to 2,4)
    1024mb OCZ gold bricks
    nf4 chip (single gpu)
    gf7950 with 256mb
    1tb hdd (2x500)
    all that with an old fashion sp2 win (32bit)

    trying to convert to linux, not easy :p

    I have found that if you are upgrading to an older Linux system, it has issues reading SATA drives. So make sure that you are using a very newer version is you run SATA HDD. If you are running IDE thenn you should be fine. Learning Linux is kinda difficult. Even with the GUI these days, working with Windows since 3.11 takes alot of getting use too.
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    Quote from p3lim »

    Something haste learned me..

    Its not about the mem, its the cpu.

    Well for CPU I'm running AMD X2 4200+ OC'd from 2.2 to 2.4. Nothing fancy but it gets the work done for me. It helps that I also run WoW on its own Core, the only other thing that runs on it, is the Microsoft crap, which I hate. I would love to be able to move that crap to a seperate core.

    But I can't so no need complaining...
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    I'll try and provide a screenie later, but my addons are:

    FuBar 3.0(FuAmmo, FuDurability, HonorFu, ClockFu, ReloadFu, ExitFu, TrinityFu, MoneyFu, Guild/FriendFU, FactionsFu, TrainerFu, GarbageFu, GarbageFuPrices, FuXPFu, MailFu, PerformanceFu, PoisonFu)

    Trinity Bars

    And all the various libs for each. I log in at 47MB, until I use Auctioneer of course, then it turns into 60+MB, but I still run at 50+FPS.
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