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    posted a message on No more project forums?

    My huge support for the forums (personally for TellMeWhen). We had a wonderfully thoughtful group of contributors with examples to share especially when these new patches come out and we all need to share some head scratching. Thank you!

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    posted a message on Prat 3.0 Chat Mod Framework
    Can't post tickets so - Social button shows all the time. If I go into /prat and check it (to show) then uncheck it (to hide) it will hide it, but reverts back when I log in. (shows it unchecked but still displays it)
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    posted a message on Apexis auto accept w/ corresponding Missive Auto Purchase
    Looking for an addon that will do 2 things

    1. Auto accept the "solo" apexis daily in the garrison HQ. Because it is a clickable button and not "dialogue", none of the current daily type addons seem to be able to do this.

    2. Be able to talk to the NPC outside the HQ who sells the missives (same one who does the invasions, then auto purchase the corresponding missive (gives 800 bonus apexis per day)

    Essentially trying to automate the "click daily apexis guy, click solo quest, click accept, go outside, talk to npc, avoid any addons that try to auto accept invasions (control click etc.). Click "whats for sale". Look at the daily apexsis again and find the corresponding missive, buy that, confirm the purchase, find the purchased item in bags to right click to start the quest. Not a huge deal for casual players I am sure but x 11 toons a day, it is pretty annoying.

    Thanks a lot.
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    posted a message on Gnosis Castbars - Official Thread
    What are the frame names for the cast bars? A mouseover script showed "Player.bar" for the player castbar, but I assumed there was something more appropriate. Also Player.bar did not exist when I tried to access it with another addon (trying to frame it visually) and only through a /script command after the game was in use.

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