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    posted a message on Visor2 MinimapCluster?
    No go.
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    posted a message on Visor2 MinimapCluster?
    Hey folks, I'm trying to set my MinimapCluster to be centered in the bottom of my screen. I'm trying to use Visor2 to do this, however it doesn't seem to be working very well.

    Here's what I'm trying to do:
    /vz set f=MinimapCluster;pr=UIParent;p1=BOTTOM;p2=BOTTOM;x=0;y=5

    I don't remember if ; is the command separator for Visor, so I've tried all of the above individually, ie /vz set f=MinimapCluster<enter>/vz set pr=UIParent...etc.

    Every time I do a command, I get the following output (with debugging off):
    Visor2: The frame [MinimapCluster] is now active.

    It doesn't matter if I set f=MinimapCluster in my command or not; that's always the output I get once I've issued a set f=MinimapCluster once.

    With debug on I get this:
    /vz set pr=UIParent
    (DEBUG) This frame is being used by Visor2 [Minimap Cluster].
    (DEBUG) The object type (fdb) found by Visor2 is [nil].
    (DEBUG) Called Hide:VISOR_UPDATE
    (DEBUG) Callde Nudge:VISOR_UPDATE

    Is this broken because MinimapCluster is a protected frame now? If so, how come I can move the frame just fine with other mods? What am I doing wrong?!

    Please help!
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    posted a message on Mr Plow v4.5 (Updated 09/05/06)
    Quote from illepic »

    Wonderful mod and I can't live without it!

    Mr. Plow, however, doesn't understand my mining and gem bags and tries to put non-mining, non-gem stuff into them, resulting in a "The works" failure for my bank.

    Thanks for an amazing mod!

    I agree. Please fix this! :)
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    posted a message on Name Our Mod!
    The Awesome Incredible Bag Sorting Crazy Mod

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    posted a message on My Holy Grail: Cooldowns depicted ... bars [Case closed]
    May I suggest an AceCooldownTimer mod that's much like AceTimer but for cooldowns instead of durations? Apparently AceTimer doesn't do that, and personally I think it'd be nice to have.
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    posted a message on Frame Positioning - How It Works
    Note: Many of you probably know more about this than I do, but this was the hardest thing for me to figure out on my own. I didn't know what half of the positioning stuff did, but eventually I figured it out...I'd like to help anyone else whose having problems with the same kinda stuff. If there's anything wrong with this post factually, please let me know so I can fix it!


    Blizzard's UI uses relative frame positioning to determine where to draw frames on screen. At first, this confused me a great deal because I didn't understand what things like Point1 and Point2 meant, what the relative parent of a frame was, or how these things all worked together to make everything display on screen. Now that I've figured out how all this stuff works, recreating my UI has been a much easier process.

    Each frame has 5 different values that determine where it actually shows up on the screen: pr, p1, p2, x, and y. Each of these values is equally important, especially if you want to position stuff precisely and correctly, and so now I'm going to tell you what each one of them does!

    pr: This is the relative parent of the frame. The pr is the frame which your frame is anchored to. Your frame will move when it's pr moves. Your frame will hide when it's pr does. It's important. This frame is USUALLY set to the actual parent of the frame, but it does NOT have to be. Often the pr on a frame is UIParent, which is the screen.

    p1, p2: Each of these can be one of the following values: TOPLEFT, TOP, TOPRIGHT, LEFT, CENTER, RIGHT, BOTTOMLEFT, BOTTOM, BOTTOMRIGHT. p1 is the point on the frame that is being modified, and p2 is the point on pr. These points form the center of your x-y offset grid, leading me to...

    x, y: These are the offset values for the anchor point.

    Now, putting it all together. Let's use the Minimap for an example. Say we want to move the Minimap (and all it's associated goodies) from the upper right hand corner of the screen to the top center of the screen. To do this we'd set the following...

    * frame: MinimapCluster - this is the frame we want to move
    * pr: UIParent - this is the frame we want to anchor to
    * p1: TOP - this is the point on our frame that we want to attach to p2, in this case the top center of the frame
    * p2: TOP - this is the point that we want to attach to on pr, again in this case the top center of the frame
    * x: 0 - we don't want any x offset
    * y: 0 - again, no offset.

    One key thing to note here is that if you change pr, p1, or p2 and don't reset the x and y offsets, your frame will probably not move. This is because the UI recalculates these values if pr, p1, or p2 are changed so that the frame will not move and perhaps randomly dissappear (by being positioned offscreen).

    So, I hope that helps anyone whose having big problems figuring out how to position frames (as I did).
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    posted a message on DART

    For anyone who doesn't know, DART allows you to import, resize, move, and script custom artwork. I think this would go wonderfully with Visor...I don't know if Visor can do it, and I'm not willing to read 48 pages of the Visor thread to figure it out.


    Example, see: http://www.kug-raid.com/screenshots/Oogalak.jpg
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    posted a message on Aggro/hate list ACE mod?
    It's actually fairly accutate already - you just need to understand how the mod works. Sure, it's not perfect and could definantly use some work, but after doing some testing with our tanks, it seems to work pretty well.

    A) You have to join the channel NurfedThreatSync. So do the tanks.
    B) The mod is designed to be used against single pulls.
    C) Tanks with Defiance have to have the defiance switch turned on, and priests with subtlety have to have that switched on (/nthreat defiance and /nthreat subtlety).
    D) Your threat is only measured against that of the tanks, since that's who you need to stay under.
    E) Mob deaggros do not work correctly. Death doesn't clear your aggro (which it should).
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    posted a message on My Sexy UI :O
    I use those mods - I just edited the xml some to make it work.

    Look for an Ace ModelMadness in the comming few weeks - I don't like crappy no-features xml stubs for my UI. :)
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    posted a message on My Sexy UI :O
    Here's my sexy UI - this isn't it's final state, but it still looks pretty good, I think.

    Edit: changed url and added more screenshots...
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    posted a message on List of my favorite addons that could be redone!
    For some reason I don't understand why people use Recap at all.

    Well, I can explain my use of recap pretty easily...I'm a stat whore, and recap is quite simply the best combat stat collection addon to date. I'd love it even more if it were more efficient, smaller, better, and faster, but not having all of those qualities is not going to keep me from using it.
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    posted a message on Ace Interclient Communication Library
    How about a data synchronization mode where we can sync data across clients? Perhaps session based?

    Some way to do this would be great, especially for damage meter type applications. An optimized channel useage scenario that synchronizes data across clients that are participating in a session (perhaps with a session key based on channel the members of the session are in), so that data corruption is more difficult (for example, your mod could reset it's state when joining a new session to prevent corruption from previously gathered data). I think that a synchronization mode that would be better implemented in a library than individual mods.

    I really want to make Recap talk to other clients. ;)
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    posted a message on Ace Interclient Communication Library
    I want to be able to synchronize data across multiple clients using something less crappy than RaidAssist. Someone please please make something good so I don't have to. :)

    Ex: Certian classes in a raid are capable of CCing dragonspawn in Razorgore's event. I want to compile a list of players of these classes, and have people assign them targets sequentially. Everyone whose assigning targets will need to know which dragon handlers are already taken in order to efficiently distribute targets as they arise. Solution: a channel that everyone assigning and being assigned targets joins, and target assignments are called out over said channel, so that the mod knows when targets are assigned and whose next to assign a target to.

    I have a bunch of other stuff I'd like to do involving interclient communication (I'd love to ace Recap and add in the much wanted synchronization feature), but I don't feel confident that my lua skills are good enough to write an efficient library to do this well; so I'm just gonna put it out here and hope someone else will think it's a good idea and have the motivation and skillset to implement it in an efficient fashion. :)
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