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    posted a message on Baggins - Official Thread
    Really nice work.

    You have three standard profiles ... Default ... AllinOne ... AllinOneSorted ...

    Is there a way to create additional profiles myself ? So I can swtich the configuration between two setups I like real easy.

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    posted a message on SpellRankCheck v0.1
    download: http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/fileinfo.php?id=6043

    This is not an add-on as such ... more a handy thing to have sometimes.

    The add-on will go through your spellbook (and your pet's if you have it) and check if it can find the highest rank of each kind of spell on your actionbars.
    Afterwards it reports the missing spells.

    Passive spells are skipped as you can not place them on your action bar anyway.

    I assume there are certain spells you don't want on your actionbars so you can blacklist those so the next time that you check they are not displayed anymore as missing.

    /src check
    display missing spells on your screen

    /src blacklist
    Add ALL the current missing spells to your blacklist

    /src list
    List your blacklisted spells

    /src reset
    Clears your blacklist

    I do not want to add or overload this with tons of features as the add-on is not used during normal gameplay ... it's just a check.

    Things to do:
    The pet functionality still has to be checked as I don't have a character that has a pet.

    Localize it. I still have to check the localize lib.

    I have been away a long time and wanted to start with something very simple in Ace2. Hell, I even had to think how to use tables again in lua.
    During gameplay I go to a class trainer and then click on all my spells to learn and then afterwards ... OK .. which spells did I learn ... and which do I have to upgrade ?
    That's why this add-on was made ... Maybe something similar already exists, I didn't check. I just wanted to get my hands dirty again and using the new Ace2 framework.

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    posted a message on Problems with 1.10
    The purpose of this topic is an attempt to have ONE topic with all problems people encountered with 1.10.

    And I will start with my own offcourse :)

    idChat - fixed

    Fishing buddy : there's a fixed version but I still have problems ... but these may have existed before as I didn't fish for a long time.
    - Right-click casting does not work
    - Using the normal casting (spell button) when I right-click on the hook i get an Acehook error (must be some ace addon that also responds on right-clicks)
    Fixed this by getting the latest ace version from the SVN
    But this introduced a new problem: file Fishingwatcher/lua : line 248 UIParent_ManageRightSideFrames(); -> unknown global.
    The BossPanel plugin hooks this call and I don't get an error there. I disabled Bosspanel and the result remains the same.
    Temp fix: I just put the line in comments - I still don't know what this function is supposed to do.

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    posted a message on id addons
    Not claiming support for your addons but uploaded a patch for idChat for 1.10 to: (under patches, not a new version)


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    posted a message on UI Changes - Patch 1.10

    it's a nice list ... will give an indication of what kind of addon will work and not work after the patch ..
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    posted a message on chatframe cleanup
    This removes the tabs on ALL chat windows.
    I would like to remove them on some.

    But if this is at good as it gets, then fine by me.
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    posted a message on chatframe cleanup
    This is not really a request for an addon, more a kind off ... Can it be done and if so how ?
    Or perhaps it requires additional code in an existing addon..

    I would like to remove the tab's on top of certain chat frames.

    I made seperate chat frames for guild and party/raid chat, that are on different places on my screen.
    The frames fit nicely in my screen setup, except when I mouse-over them, then that tab at the top of my chat frame , starts to get on my nerves, as it overlaps with other things on my screen.

    I already use chatscroll to get rid of the buttons ... an option to get rid of the tab would be nice :)
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    posted a message on They probably exist but I can't find them or ...
    it's so trivial I'm wastinf time looking for them.

    I first noticed Ace using KC his mods, which I found by using tthe insomniax compilation.

    Blizzards abilty to completly scr*w up the addons almost every time they release a patch forced me to give up on compilations (it takes too long for the whole set to be fixed) and just use the individual addons.

    I really like the "ACE'd" addons. They are lean,mean, fighting mach ... euh addons.

    I want to get rid of TitanPanel .. the things I use from there are: coordinates, bag slots and money (and clock aslong as ace clock is not working)

    I read about a possible acepanel, but that is probably wishfull thinking.

    Are their Ace addons that provide these functions , or non-aced addons (I know .. I'll burn in hell for suggesting this) that do just that ?
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