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    It move by itself like that randomly.. then it restores itself.. rince and repeat. Also, as you can tell when it move itself it also removes the actual bg color. I'm not running Trinity. I use Bartender3.

    List of addons I run (with descriptions, too lazy to remove them)

    ag_UnitFrames (I prefer MiniGroup2, but there never will be a 2.0+ working version of it)
    Aggro (Best addon ever to get notified if you have aggro of something in a raid, those of you who sometimes get all surprised when that evil mob come over and one shot you.. should never be surprised again with this addon)
    AutoBar (all the annoying bugs have been fixed)
    Bartender3 (keybinding bug fixed)
    Clique (click-casting, I use it for Grid)
    ClosetGnome (best outfit addon imo!)
    cyCircled (Makes your buttons look cooler)
    DeuceCommander (interface for all your ACE2 addons)
    DreamBuff (Makes your buff icons look cooler)
    eCastingBar (Replaces the normal crappy castingbar, also supports the new "target casting bar")
    GMail (Improvements to mailing.. mass email, return, etc)
    Grid (This is a pretty damn good raidbars addon, takes awhile to get used to and setup though. The latest version have fixed the display issues)
    IMBA (better then bigwigs)
    OneBag (converts all your current bags into one huge one)
    OneBank (converts all your bank bags into one huge one)
    Prat (Timestamps, different colors etc for your chat windows. The latest issue fixed the random disconnections etc.)
    sct (Duh)
    SimpleCombatLog (Replaced Hitsmode for me. It's good. Latest version is more efficent.)
    Squeenix (Makes your minimap look a lot better)
    Sw_Stats (everyone need to run the latest version)
    TinyTip (Duh)
    TrinketMenu (Duh)
    WitchHunt (Spellalert)
    XRS (Very good overview of the raid. Also extremely customizeable. This version actually works with 2.0)
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    Bug report:



    That happen randomly in any situation where Grid is being used. Be it a group or raid situation. I haven't been able to pin point how it's happening. It's pretty damn annoying though!

    This is where Grid should be located at and how it look like when it's not randomly bugging out: http://images.flashheal.com/albums/userpics/10001/supposetobe.jpg
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    Nice work as always Sairén.
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    Quote from Saroz »

    Yea I'm considering it - I just don't think anyone but priests would be interested in it.

    Pfft. Add it please! *is a priest*
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    Hi there,

    I'd love to see this added as soon as possible: http://www.wowinterface.com/portal.php?id=8&a=viewfeature&featureid=1398

    Several friends of mine would love it as well. Thanks in advance.

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