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    I also like the idea of multiple triggers per alias.

    Like to have a button use a glowing border in some conditions, and have it show a colored border in other conditions. One would have to supersede the other in terms of timers shown, so the 1st config could just have priority over the 2nd one when they are both active.

    It's not game breaking at all, but it would be nice for example to be able to differentiate between Battle Trance and Incite procs for my Heroic Strike. One you use right away, one you have 9 seconds to use when convenient.
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    I noticed that the DISPELLABLE state on my Paladin's Cleanse ability, is activating when I have a "Magic" debuff on myself, but you need to spec in the Holy tree for Sacred Cleansing in order for Cleanse to dispel magic. The same issue problem would exist for Protection Paladins, non-Resto Druids and non-Resto Shamans.

    I'm not sure if this is a problem you can fix or not. It functions fine for displaying when I have a Poison or a Disease.
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    There's a problem right now with stacking auras and aliases. Aliases show the longest duration, but it doesn't consider the stack size.

    For example, Faerie Fire stacks with Sunder Armor. Faerie Fire has a 5min duration and Sunder has 30 seconds. If you have 1 stack of Faerie Fire, and 3 stacks of Sunder Armor, then it shows the stack for the Faerie Fire because it has a longer duration.
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    I was using the previous version. Seemed to be fixed in the latest version.

    So far I've configured my Warrior settings like this in defaults.lua:

    	elseif class == 'WARRIOR' then
    			  871, -- Shield Wall
    			 2565, -- Shield Block
    			12292, -- Death Wish
            	        12328, -- Sweeping Strikes
    			12975, -- Last Stand
    			18499, -- Berserker Rage
    			23920, -- Spell Reflection
    			46924, -- Bladestorm
    			55694, -- Enraged Regeneration
           	         	85730  -- Deadly Calm
    		SelfTalentProc(5308, 90806):WithStack() -- Execute => Executioner stacks
    		SelfTalentProc(78, 50685):Glowing() -- Heroic Strike => Incite
    		SelfTalentProc(1464, 46916):Glowing() -- Slam => Bloodsurge
    		SelfTalentProc(7384, 60503):Glowing() -- Overpower => Taste For Blood
    		SelfTalentProc(34428, 32216):Glowing() -- Victory Rush => Victorious
    		-- Self Buffs with Stacks
    		Spells(1719, 20230):OnSelf():WithStack() -- Recklessness, Retaliation
    		-- Raging Blow => Death Wish, Berserker Rage, Enrage
    		Spells(85288):Aliases(12292, 18499, 12880):OnSelf()
    	        -- Cleave & Whirlwind => Meat Cleaver
    		Spells(845, 1680):Aliases(85738):OnSelf():WithStack()
    		-- Pummel & Shield Bash => Rude Interruption
    		Spells(6552, 72):Aliases(86662, 86663):OnSelf()
    		-- Devastate & Sunder Armor => Expose Armor, Faerie Fire, Corrosive Spit, Tear Armor
    		Spells(20243, 7386):Aliases(7386, 8647, 91565, 35387, 50498):WithStack()
    		-- Shattering Throw => Divine Shield, Hand of Protection
    		Spells(64382):Aliases(642, 1022):Glowing()
    		-- Bloodthirst
    	        -- Heroic Fury => Roots on Self
    		Spells(60970):Aliases(19306, 64695, 339, 63685, 33395, 122, 23694, 90327, 94358, 50245, 54706, 4167):OnSelf():ShowOthers():Glowing()
    		-- Colossus Smash
    		-- Battle Shout => Strength of Earth, Horn of Winter, Roar of Courage
    		Spells(6673):Aliases(8076, 57330, 93435):OnSelf()
    		-- Commanding Shout => Power Word: Fortitude, Blood Pact, Qiraji Fortitude
    		Spells(469):Aliases(21562, 6307, 90364):OnSelf()
    		-- Thunder Clap => Dust Cloud, Earth Shock, Frost Fever, Infected Wounds, Judgements of the Just, Riposte, Tailspin
    		Spells(6343):Aliases(54404, 8042, 55095, 58180, 68055, 14251, 90315)
    		-- Demoralizing Shout => Curse of weakness, Demoralizing Roar, Demoralizing Roar (pet), Scarlet Fever, Vindication
    		Spells(1160):Aliases(702, 99, 50256, 81130, 26017)
    		-- Disarm => Clench, Dismantle, Psychic Horror, Snatch
    		Spells(676):Aliases(50541, 51722, 64058, 91644)
    		-- Snares (Hamstring/Piercing Howl)
    		Spells(12323, 1715):Aliases(18118, 50433, 31126, 11113, 45524, 50434, 6136, 7321, 35101, 5116, 120, 3409, 18223, 1604, 50259, 26679, 68766, 3600, 54644, 8056, 116, 8034, 44614, 61394, 58617, 13810, 58180, 31589, 35346, 51693, 2974, 1044)
    		-- Stuns (Throwdown, Shockwave, Concussion Blow)
    		Spells(85388, 46968, 12809):Aliases(85387, 89766, 5211, 93433, 1833, 44572, 45334, 91800, 853, 88625, 2812, 12355, 20253, 19577, 408, 22570, 9005, 82691, 30283, 50519, 56626, 20549)

    I made aliases for global snare/stun tracking, so your snare and stun abilities should light up if your target is already snared or stunned. Helpful in raids or arenas/BGs so you can coordinate your snares with other class snares for example.

    What would be cool is if you could set up templates for each class based on community contributions. Kind of like other addons have templates submitted by players based on their preferences.

    EDIT: Updated for the latest verison of Inline Aura.
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    There's a pretty good list of spell IDs for shared buffs/debuffs here:


    I tried editing the .lua files for Inline Aura and added these with the SharedAuras("CLASS", spellid, ...) syntax. I wasn't able to get any of the SharedAuras to work, even if I delete my SavedVariables file with a fresh install of the latest version. They weren't showing up in my list of spells, and weren't functioning.

    What I did that worked was add them under my class section as Aliases(). This made them show up in my spell list and they all worked properly.
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    Quote from Adirelle
    Actually "self buff" only checks yourself (instead of friendly target/mouseover/focus or self). Whether the spell comes from yourself or anyone else is controlled by the "only mine" setting.

    Basically, until the Blizzard API provides a value to know if a spell/item can be used on others, there is no solution other than building a list of "self buffs" or "regular buffs". And I'm not going to start such a list for items. However we may come to more useful defaults for spells and for items ; maybe "self" for items and group buffs, and "regular" for anything that isn't an obvious sell buff ?

    I'll show you what I mean...


    You can see it's set to scan myself for "Strength of Earth", and I have the buff, but it's not highlighting. You need to set it to Regular Buff or Debuff in order to scan yourself for a buff that someone else applied on you, and doing so will also scan whoever you target instead of scanning yourself.

    Is this just a bug with the Self buff or debuff functionality?

    EDIT: Figured out my problem. The spell ID for Strength of Earth Totem is 8075 in Defaults.lua, should be 8076 for the buff given (just called "Strength of Earth").
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    Quote from Dornhelm
    It was Battle Shout. Hm, if it can depend on the spell, I'll test more of them.
    But the Vial of Stolen Memories caused the same problem. May be all items?

    I think he's talking about the fact that when you configure a buff as a Regular Buff or Debuff, if you target a nonhostile creature like another player, it will show highlighting based on whether they have the buff and not you.

    However, if you instead configure it as a Self buff or debuff, it will not check for auras from other players (like if you have someone else's Battle Shout, Horn of Winter, Roar of Courage, Strength of Earth).

    This is one of my issues with the current version of Inline Aura. It has limited configurability. I would prefer to be able to simply have a list of units to scan for auras on ("Self", "Hostile Target", "Friendly Target", "Hostile Focus", "Friendly Focus").
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    I'm just wondering if something could be done like light up Every Man for Himself or Heroic Fury when I get a CC/snare debuff on myself.

    Or light up Shattering Throw when a buff on my target is matched for "Divine Shield".

    Using Inline Aura, the "Units to scan" for Buff auras are only friendly units, and for Debuffs it's only hostile targets. Is this just the design or a limitation of the API?
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    Is it possible to have a Buff scan on a hostile target, or a debuff scan on a friendly target?

    For example, if I want to have one of my abilities light up when I have a certain debuff on myself. Or have an ability light up when a certain buff is on my target.
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    Amazing addon, just what I was looking for. A huge improvement on Dominos_Bufftimes.

    One feature I would like to see added would be the ability to monitor trinket procs and possibly ICDs. For example, when I add a spell called "Whispering Fanged Skull", set it up as a buff, and type the spell ID for the Icy Rage buff in the Auras to look up field, it successfully identifies the aura as Icy Rage. But it is unable to associate it with the Whispering Fanged Skull that I have on my action bar.

    Aside from that, here are some suggestions for the default Warrior configuration:

    - I noticed that Blood Frenzy and Furious Attacks are in the list of spells, but neither are an ability you can see on your bar, neither are linked to an ability so there is no point to monitoring them.

    - Execute could show Executioner stacks on the player, so it is easier to stack it to 5 and keep refreshing it to make sure it doesn't fall off in some situations.

    - Heroic Strike can show the Incite buff on the player. When the Incite buff is active you have a guaranteed Heroic Strike crit and it has a duration in which you need to use it. I set mine to "use animated glow".

    - Cleave and Whirlwind can associate with the "Meat Cleaver" buff. It it sometimes important to monitor the duration to keep the buff from falling off, and watching the stacks.

    - Raging Blow requires an Enrage effect to use, so I recommend associating it with the three enrage buffs, Death Wish, Berserker Rage, and Enrage. Doing this, you can see when the active enrage effects will fall off, and know how to time your Raging Blow better and when to hit Berserker Rage.

    Also, when you associate a spell with multiple buff auras, is there any way for it to prioritize with the longest active duration? For example, if you are associating Raging Blow with Death Wish, Berserker Rage, and Enrage, and you have Death Wish active with 6 seconds remaining, and then you hit Berserker Rage which lasts 10 seconds, it only shows the 6 seconds duration and doesn't show the 10 second duration until the 6 second one wears off.

    I would think that it would fit most situations to always match with the longest duration... like for example if you have Mortal Strike monitoring healing debuff, if you hit MS and it is counting down from 10 seconds, then a hunter hits Widow Venom and it counts down from 30, it should always show the higher one when active for the purposes of keeping a debuff like this on the target.
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