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    posted a message on ArcHUD 2.2 (2007-06-11)
    The last update did indeed break it. I even used my backup and double checked the new version will not run.
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    posted a message on WowAceUpdater - An update tool for Windows users.
    I can't seem to get it to install no matter what I do. I actually had it installed was using firefox with the ffclickonce addon. installed and such. but I made a mistake and manually deleted wowaceupdater from my computer (dont ask why) everypossible wowaceupdater or anything named that is gone. Now when I get to http://www.wowace.com/wau/publish.htm I click the install button and do the same thing as before with ffclickonce and nothing happens, but wowaceupdater is no where to be found on my computer. I also tested it with anything with clickconce and when I go to install nothing happens ever. also "Note: The zip is probably the easiest." None of the setup files work or the 2 Application manifests they just don't work no error or anything just nothing happens. Any help would be appreciated to fix this -.-
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