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    I'm getting an error of some sort in my chat whenever a Battle.net friend logs on/off or whenever they broadcast something.


    I have no idea what it means or how to fix it. It's driving me insane, lol. Thanks! ^.^
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    Hi. The new update works great. I am, however, having an issue with skinner and WIM. I disabled the skin for WIM but left WIM_Options unchecked, because I do want to skin the options. Unfortunately, this removes the skin for the options even though I told it not to. I modified the lua file to skin the options but NOT the chat windows, and it works. Could this be fixed in a future update? I hate having to modify code. >.> Thanks!
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    Hello all!

    I'm trying to create a Lua Text in Pitbull 4 that will show the following:

    Level Race Class Elite/Boss/Rare

    But what I'm trying to do is for it to Display Class if it's a player OR Elite/Boss/Rare if it's an NPC and meets any of those criteria.

    This is the code I currently have for Level and Race:

    local dr,dg,db = DifficultyColor(unit)
    return "|cff%02x%02x%02x%s%s|r  %s",dr,dg,db,Level(unit),Classification(unit) and '+' or '',SmartRace(unit) or

    And this is the code I have for Class OR Rare/Elite/Boss:

    if UnitIsPlayer(unit) then
      local cr,cg,cb = ClassColor(unit)
      return "|cff%02x%02x%02x%s|r",cr,cg,cb,Class(unit)
    local class = Classification(unit)
    if class == "Boss" then
     return "|cffff0000Boss|r"
    elseif class == "Rare" then
     return "|cffaaaaaaRare|r"
    elseif class == "Elite" then
     return "|cffffff00Elite|r"

    I need to somehow combine the two but I have no idea how. Any help is greatly appreciated!

    Forgot to mention that I want the level colored depending on level, and also class text colored by class. The Rare/Elite/Boss text also colored. Basically the way I already have it. All I want is to combine the two blocks of code. :D
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