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    Hi, I'm new to the forums, but I lurk anyway, and I've been trying to catch up on updater news as much as possible. I'm mostly trying out the Curse Client because WAU keeps breaking on my computer, and some of the newer post-2.4 addons are no longer showing up on it. =\

    Since this is the CC commentary thread, I figured I might as well put in my impression of it so far (I think the beta hasn't been updated for about a week, but thanks for all the hard work on it):

    I downloaded and tried the client last night (and forgot to save my interface beforehand) to see how it works, and was annoyed to see that it overwrote my working addons with older versions. I realize now that was my fault, so now I'm picking my way through my folder to fix it all. It's interesting, though, to see who in the WoWAce community actually updates on Curse. When the Big Switch finally happens (it's now ETA'd at mid-September?)[0], I can see it sort of working as well as WAU.

    It is annoying that you have to update one at a time right now to make sure it doesn't overwrite all the newer addons, but is the Update All going to exist on the client for only Premium users? Since this is beta, I wasn't sure. If you're going to have the option to update one at a time, it'd be nice to put in something, like a different highlight, or another field, that shows which ones were recently updated ("have I updated this this session? y/n") on the user's side.

    I know this has been discussed earlier, but the client includes compilations as part of "updated" addons it suggests to upgrade. Can there be an option to filter compilations from its auto-update? Or at least an option to turn off that helpful suggestion dialog, or move it to a Suggestions tab that only does the search when you open it up. There's a lot of room on the client to not have it pop up dialogs for everything.

    The same can be said about updating each and every addon for single updating, but I guess having the ads/dialogs appear only when you want to download an addon is a lot easier on the eyes than having a frame of the client constantly blinking an ad.

    I miss the drop-down Category listbox that WAU had to select mods according to what they did. Especially when WoWAce addons get on that list, it would help a lot. Also, I wonder if there should be a field for most-downloaded/popular, and other types of searching on the client.

    Something else to think about when working on the UI: clicking on a mod name brings up a description on the bottom part of the client, but it's pretty much reading from the webpage, it looks like. Can there be, say, one box of text for "Basic function" (ie. "This mod eats all your food in one gulp"), and another for "Author Notes" ("I made this! Fixed bug where it feeds your pet everything instead of you.") Feeling ambitious, even an "Urgent" box to separate all the very important stuff ("YOU NEED TO UNINSTALL CARTOGRAPHER TO USE THIS MOD"). But this sounds more like a webpage format thing...

    So far, aside from me being stupid and not backing up my mods before letting the CC eat everything, I've had no real problems with the client. I am bothered by it forcing a mod on me that I rarely use, but it sounds like it's a requirement that Curse wanted. However, I'm not really big on using it right now, since it currently doesn't read WoWAce, so I'm not quite sure how well it works at updating everything I have. >< The Big Switch can't happen soon enough. :P

    [0] As for that, since WoWAce would be using the same structure as Curse, the client won't have any problems reading from WoWAce once it happens, right? I'm more or less concerned about being able to find specifically Ace addons with the client once it all gets integrated. As an altaholic, I'm a big fan of the profiles library that a lot of Ace addons use, and I rarely try things that aren't as easy to set up for 10 characters... >.>
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