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    No. The error I get doesn't seem to affect the functions of Fence. I was thinking that Fence was still updated as it was recently updated a little past 30 days ago. It works well in truth... just the one constant error that spawns when you first use it. If you log on one toon and use it: error, log on another: error. But no other time does it do that.

    I will try half stepping as you suggested. Just didn't think it to be my other addons as it shows the Blizzard UI folders. Part of the reason I posted the entire error - other being I thought someone would need to know what I was running in order to help me out.

    Will trim in the future though.

    Would anyone know how to make the error go away? ( I like the addon ).
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    Any idea on how to remove the below error? I get it all the time when I first search an item. Kind of a bugging me sort of thing. Any help or directions (i'm no coder) would be greatly appreciated.

    Date: 2008-08-31 09:22:17
    ID: 51
    Error occured in: Global
    Count: 1
    Message: ..\AddOns\Fence\modules\Fence_Browse.lua line 178:
    attempt to index local 'moneyFrame' (a nil value)
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    I just purchased a Vista Machine, AMD Turion 64. Now I am currently experiencing this same error. With me - which I have not noticed anyone else mention in this thread - the error continuously cycles through without ever stopping. It just keeps going like lamb chop. *see Screenshot*

    I run WoW from an external drive (F:\WoW\World of Warcraft) and WAU from it's default install location. I noticed that if I - after reading this thread - only change the permissions to the WoW folder; I continue to get the error. I had to change the permissions to the drive itself (F:\).

    I can no longer get the error to occur, however: I am not sure if any updating is taking place as the "Last Change" dates appear to have remained the same.

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