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    been a fan of bt3 and a new bt4 user..my dilemma is I'm trying to get this macro within a macro to work. Utilizing /click and trying to figure out how bt4 button naming scheme is. Macro example:

    #showtooltip Steady Shot
    /stopmacro [target=target,dead]
    /stopmacro [target=target,noexists]
    /cast [harm,nodead] Steady Shot
    /petattack [target=pettarget, noexists]
    /click BT4????
    /script UIErrorsFrame:Clear()

    Where "/click BT4" would be my pet's attacks and is the 2nd macro. When I use /kb and scroll over the button i want it states BT4 Bar 1 Button 8. Do I just put in /click BT4B1B8?
    #showtooltip Thunderstomp
    /cast [target=pettarget] Thunderstomp
    /cast [target=pettarget] Smack

    Sorry if this has been discussed and answered. I know bt4 has the /kb option but not sure if that would be conflicting with my other macro.
    /sorry for poor grammar
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    Error: stack overflow
    File: Interface\AddOns\MBB\MBB.lua
    Line: 416
    Count: Infinite

    I'm continually getting that error. If i try to click on the minimapbutton..it'll expand with all my other minimpabuttons but it won't close up. Some of my minimap buttons that used to be anchored to MBB..are now separated and back onto my minimap area.
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    URL--doesn't seem to be popping up the window when clicking a posted link-- seems to be p0rked as well.
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