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    Hi, sorry to be a bother, but is there a way in the skins to take into account the scale of the button the skin is applied to?

    That sounded more garbled then I intended :S Perhaps an example would clarify...

    I'm using a pixel font for my keybind text, and I've got 3 sizes of button: 100%, 75% and 50%. Is there a way to say FontSize = 8 *1/buttonscale, so that on the non-100% buttons, it shows as the same size as the 100% one?
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    Quote from Nevcairiel
    Thats pretty easy, actually. Lets get down to business:

    The State Custom Conditionals:

    Bar1 (Single-Target)

    Bar2 (AoE)

    Bar3 (PvP)

    Make sure to keybind "Next ActionBar Page" to MouseWheel-Down and "Previous ActionBar Page" to MouseWheel-Up. By default, those are bound to Shift-MouseWheel, instead of only MouseWheel.

    You would then configure bars 2+3 to be transparent (or semi-transparent, how you like it), and can scroll through the bars with the mouse wheel.

    Hope this works, i kinda didn't test the state combinations extensively .. <.<

    Cool, thanks :) Just one thing; could you tell me how it works? Is the [bar:2/5] saying "if you would page to 2 or 5, show <blah> instead"?
    If that's the case, I'm guessing there's only easy ways to do it for 2,3 and 6 bars, so no extra "demon bar" for my lock, unless I add a couple of extra bars as well :P

    But again, many thanks for this :D
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    Hi, sorry if this has already come up, but I think I could be forgiven for not wading through the ~150 pages so far.

    I'm trying to set up my bars, so that I've got several bars, such as single targets, AoE-ing, PvP, and the like, and I'd like it if I could use my mousewheel to page through the bars, so I can use my main keybinds for each situation.
    At the same time, however, I'd like to have the other bars visible (but faded out a tad), so that I can still access the skills not on the current main bar if something unexpected happens.

    So, just for clarification (1=Main bar):

    3- PvP
    2- AoE
    1- Single-target

    Mousewheel Up ->
    3- Single-target
    2- PvP
    1- AoE

    Or Mousewheel Down ->
    3- AoE
    2- Single-target
    1- PvP

    I'm guessing this will involve custom conditionals, but I'm not sure how.

    Many thanks for any help :)
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    Still quite new at using pitbull, so apologies if I've missed an option, but I was wondering if it were possible to have the party frames set out horizontally and centered and then have them grow so that they stay centered... not sure how to explain it clearly, so hopefully poor ascii art will help:

    Party of 1: |   =   |
    Party of 2: |  = =  |
    Party of 3: | = = = |
    And so on, where the = are the party frames and the | are the edges of the screen

    If it's not possible, that'd be ok, I just like having a symmetrical layout, and I don't like it being wonky when I don't have a full group :P
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    Hi, I've only just started using kgpanels, and I was wondering f it's possible (and if so, how) to create a new panel that grows as I get buffed? My current set up (bad ascii art warning) is as follows:

    Health Bar -------- ================
    Buffs (if filled) - # # #      # # # - Debuffs
                        # # #      # # #
                        # # #      # # #

    I'm wanting separate panels to grow for my buffs and debuffs. If anyone could post an example script that I could play with, that'd be great :)
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