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    Things I would love in Baggins are:
    1. The "click to show all stacks in a stack" thing that has already been suggested.
    2. A way to set a single bag or a single category to ignore the "show unfiltered items" thingie.

    I have also experienced the bug where the configuraion windows locks up and you need to do a reloadui to make them go away.
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    What would be sweet (even if this is a bit off topic) is a proper web-interface to download zipped versions of addons on the SVN with all the externals needed. :)

    Back on topic:
    I tried out these frames and I really like them but I have a suggestion. I would like a way to fake being in a party (showing the frames) with and without pets so that you can setup your frames before you enter a party. And also displaying fake buff/debuff icons so you see how much space frames take up in total.

    Other then that, good work.
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