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    posted a message on Unsummon button for Demonology Warlocks
    I like playing my demonology warlock, and this would be really cool.

    Demonology warlocks have to keep their pet buffed, or at least they want to. Major DPS hit if they die, and they loose their big pile of raid buffs. So to do so, we

    /run PetAbandon()

    When it's almost dead, then summon it again, quick or slow. It comes back with full health, and its buffs. Very nice.

    But I suck, and always miss it. I could watch its health more closely, but I figured I'd check in here first and see if anyone wanted to make a cool button :D

    I'm envisioning a mobile, resizeable button. That flashes red and toots its horn when your demon gets really low health. Clicking it would just run the petabandon line above, the button would just be cool so you could put it somewhere big and prominent. Might be nice to also have the button track the pets current health graphically, and be a different color, or blink, if you dont have Soul Link going *(and possess the talent).

    Advanced might be that a right-click resummons your last pet, and more right-clicking casts soul link, but whatever.
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    posted a message on Meta Incoming-heals mod
    Maybe there's something like this out there? I know HealComm-2.0 exists and VisualHeal uses it, but I dont target people when I heal them and have no use for a incoming heals on target/focus addon.

    I use grid (with clique) for nontargeted healing. Others use benecast variations, healbot, etc. I know grid (GridStatusIncomingHeals) parses IncomingHealsLib. I know healbot does something internal(?). I dont know about others, and have no chance of forcing my guild to all use the same mods for healing.

    My idea is a translator. Something that deciphers incoming data from IncomingHealsLib, HealComm-2.0, whatever healbot sends, others? for my personal addon. And when I brodcast, broadcasts to all of those.
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    posted a message on Proximo-like mob targeting revisited?
    Thanks for that explination, though I have to admit I'm a bit disapointed. I can imagine the number of wayward pets increasing greatly from targeting mobs in another room, ugg :)

    If only we could target by raid symbol, sigh.

    Off to post my next idea which I know will be possible! Just like this one :P
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    posted a message on Proximo-like mob targeting revisited?
    Quote from tekkub »

    Can't be done.

    Well, it acually can be done. It just wont work for targeting units with the same name. Look at the current version of omen2 (whenever it's working) it will track seperate threat for 2 different targets with the same name, different unit IDS.

    All that would have to be done is a check for 2 or more units with the same name when you are adding them. If there are, their info can be displayed, but targeting functionalities would not work (so the mod could alpha them down or color-change them. Mobs with unique names could be targeted. All mobs could be displayed.
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    posted a message on Proximo-like mob targeting revisited?
    Now that 2.4 is out and mobs have unique IDS...

    Reason for this post/request:

    1) In 2.4 monsters have unique IDs. 2 mobs of the same level/sex/name have individual system-generated numbers, and can be distinguished by mods. See omen2/Threat mod, it does this currently.

    2) After searching this forum, I see people opinioning that a mod that only drew clickable frames out of combat, and could not draw clickable frames if there are 2 mobs of the same name, is useless. I strongly disagree. Proximo, an arena mod, is extremly useful and popular despite it's similar limitations. I believe this idea would be the same. At the very least, it would be a simple dot timer (given every mob has the same name). At the most (say in magister's terrace, where every pull consists of unique-named mobs) it would be extremly useful for click-targeting/casting.

    3) No current dot timers (that I know of) allow for targeting/refreshing dots. Dottimer will show what dots are where, but requires the player to target the mobs by other means. Drawing clickable target windows can be done out of combat (proximo) and this would be of great use to affliction warlocks/shadow priests.

    Basically this is a request for a combination of Proximo and a dot timer. Affliction warlocks everywhere suffer from a lack of DPS on trash mobs. Sure, raid-boss DPS is king and many (not all) raid boss fights would not make use of this? some would, any that require target switching. It also will make people want to befriend a prot pally, because it?s a serious amount of aggro outside the kill order. But would also be king for dot-farming.

    So a mod that did this:
    -Mouseover a mob and hit a hotkey outside combat (while marks are being drawn) to add that mob to a proximo-like display. Optionally hold down a key and wave curser over mobs to add all to display.
    -clear display on event combat ends. Optional.
    -buttons for applying/reapplying each dot attached/inside drawn display, based on dots class/build possesses.
    -numeric timer inside dot-reapply button for duration of dot. See Xperl/other mods that do this.
    -auto add mobs you dot to display that are not already there in combat, but some (alpha/color/etc) indication that they were acquired while in combat and cannot be used for targeting/click casting.

    I?m no scripter/mod maker, but I can promise much love from affliction warlocks to the modder who makes this one! Between Proximo, Omen/threat and xperl the basics of this should be out there.

    I imagine this would be just as useful to a class without dots at all, for big pulls where you want to follow the kill order.

    Thanks for reading this!
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    posted a message on Inventory mod


    I'm very excited about this one. EngBags, though not perfect, has been the only inv mod I've ever desired (I've also tried all the others, and while Sanity is very cool I like to see everything at once). And now it's coming to ace2!
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