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    Hello, i recently downloaded this mod, i think it looks great, but on the screenshot there are character portraits besides, how do i make them show?

    Choose the ABF layout and enable portraits.

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    I also noticed, that when im in a party, the party frame doesnt separate from the players frame, is there anyway to separate them?

    /aguf config > Unit Frames > Party > Group Party > Without Player/Don't Group
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    I like the "create outfits optimized for a particular attribute" feature of Outfitter. I don't know if it's less memory efficient but atleast it works great and seems to have same features that I know from ItemRack and AceWardrobe.

    Outfitter is less memory efficient. But I like it for that reason too. Also with the newest version they are working on it's suppose to be better then it is atm.

    If either IR or AW did that I'd switch in a heartbeat.. but as is I can live with a little memory hog. :)

    I love Outfitter for how detailed its features are, right down to little things like per-outfit settings for show helm/cloak. Only a lighter footprint of AceWardrobe would tempt me away, but then the attention to detail that has gone into Outfitter justifies its continued usage for me :)
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