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    I am currently running your python code under 10.4.9 with Python 2.5.1:

    PowerMacG5:~/Desktop/wowacepy-2 nakago$ ./wowace.py
    INFO Checking http://files.wowace.com/latest-noext.xml for updated addons
    INFO Upgrading FuBar_ItemListFu from 20243 to 26541
    INFO Upgrading Ace2 from 27198 to 35202
    INFO Upgrading FuBarPlugin-2.0 from 26156 to 34599
    INFO Installing new addon: DewdropLib
    INFO Installing new addon: TabletLib
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "./wowace.py", line 319, in <module>
    File "./wowace.py", line 316, in dispatch
    updater.update_all(get_deps=options.get_deps, unpackage=options.unpackage, delete_old=options.delete_old, force=options.force)
    File "./wowace.py", line 102, in update_all
    for addon in self.localaddons:
    RuntimeError: dictionary changed size during iteration

    Are you by chance removing/chaning your dict during your iteration of it? Unsure if this is a 2.5.1 issue, I need to run 2.5.1 for my own reasons, so would be awesome if it wasn't the case. I am looking through your code as we speak and will see if I can come up with a work around ;)
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