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    posted a message on /dev/null 2.0
    this looks like a sweet addon and im giving it a go currently, works nicely, cept you cant turn debug off, so for im gettin flooded with debug messages constantly (note theyre sent to what i believe is chat frame 3 both with debug enabled and disabled)
    atm its in an unusable state for me as that frame is strictly guild/raid
    other than the no debug issue, looks great
    wish i knew something/anything about lua,ace and the wow api to fix it myself =\
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    posted a message on FuBar_SWStatsFu
    couple thoughts on this one,
    i recently switched to sw_stats since the author of dmgmeters quit playing wow =\
    while i used dmgmeters i used a fubar plugin to toggle it etc, easier than typing all the / commands (you tend to get lazy after long raids lol)
    so while having access to those commands would be nice, im yet to find a way to hice the minimap button in sw_stats options, so it seems rather redundant
    forgive me if i missed an obvious sw setting re: minimap icon, as i said, im new to the mod lol
    either way a fubar plugin to issue commands would be nice indeed
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    posted a message on otravi_UnitFrames 2.0.0 [Alpha] [26.06.06]
    Quote from Valdeck »

    dosnt oUF have a option in the dewdrop for enableing smoothbar?

    would it be possible to get smoothbar anims for the "power bar" in addition to the healthbar?

    also, somewhat noobish question, but is there a way to get "virtual" party frames so i can align them, move them etc without being in an actual party?
    im only getting options in the dewdrop for player, target, and ToT

    cheers on yet another sweet mod man

    edit: even with the smoothbars mod by Gello, and smoothbars enabled on my health bar, i dont seem to be getting a smooth transition, jus a big jump. =\
    granted its just graphical, but its nice to see, same with portraits, not everyone likes em, hehe
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    posted a message on IceHUD
    first off, let me just say, wow...
    icehud rocks, fantastic job!
    ive been looking for a hud for a while now (after finding out drathal discontinued dhud) and am sold on icehud
    my 1 request, combo point images (i know the cp text is currently implemented i am just a sucker for the graphic representation)
    some other things that would be nice to have:
    font changes for the text
    and some other stuff ive probably forgotten

    ive only just now started using ToFu so right now my screen is a bit ugly (being that im using ToFu and FlightMap, i get the fllightmap generic flight timer bar and have no recorded ToFu flights, im guessing that the ToFu times will be indicated in the spell bar?)

    all in all, another winner
    each day i find something or some mod which makes me more and more happy im delving into the world of mod writing and discovered all these wonderful ace/ace2 addons
    cheers to yourself and all the mod writers out there!

    just noticed this today (was first really playing with icehud on my rogue) when playing my mage, seems the mana bar / text is a purplish color (rather dark, somewhat difficult to read the numbers) an option to modify those colors would be sweet (would also help us crazy ui designers match colors lol)
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