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    Quote from Aviana »

    Since no one officially wants to continue this awesome totem bar I will try to do so. I will try to add some features that were requested here. But don't expect too much since my lua knowledge is limited.


    - I uploaded that fix for position saving some time ago.
    - cyCircled support is basically implemented. (That means it works with square buttons at the moment)
    Check the newest cyCircled Version for this!
    Maybe someone knows how to hide the edges on round buttons: pic
    - I will look into implementing a feature that alows you to set a line that will be posted into the group chat when you use your manatide.
    - A range check on totems is impossible. The only thing that could be done is an alert that goes off if your totem buff fades but the timer indicates that the totem should still be there. I won't implement that too soon because patch 2.4 will be offering new methods to determine if your totem is destroyed. (Look forward to 100% accurate totem timers in Arenas :D)
    - If there is nothing else to do I will look at adding a button for totemic recall. (It will be turned off by default since most of the people don't need it)

    Pleasy be patient since I don't have much time or lua programming expirience.

    I'm not a programmer, but a form of totem range checking is possible. The mod TotemManager(Chaman2) does it, I assume, by checking the group for buffs, and then next to the timer, it has a number for every person in range of it. This doesn't work with totems like Tremor or Windfury that don't give the player a buff, but it was a great feature that I haven't seen done elsewhere (I dont' use totemmanager because it seems to destroy my crappy comps performance, but for functionality, I don't think there's a better shaman mod out there).
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    Quote from Evil Elvis »

    My guess: You anchored them to panels named "eePanels3GuidePanel". Guide panels are only there to be moved; never anchor to a guide panel.

    In this example, it should be anchored to "eePanel3" instead.

    That's exactly what I did, thanks.
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    I'm a first time eepanels user that is running into a problem that I haven't seen refrenced elsewhere. I created a panel, and then anchored several other panels to it. When I reload my UI, all the anchored panels simply disappear, even though they still remain with all settings intact.
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