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    Hello together,

    i have a problem with Pitbull 4, i found a lua-code for coloring the energy-text in color of the energy, but if i have someone in target, his energy-text doesnt refresh in realtime, it freezes at the moment, i take this one in target. If i have myself in target, theres no problem, it refreshes in real-time. If i have a boss of Omnitron Defense System, i got a error. See pictures below.

    The code:

    if MaxPower(unit) > 0 then
        local _, power_token = UnitPowerType(unit)
        local color = PitBull4.PowerColors[power_token or "MANA"]
        return "|cff%02x%02x%02x%s", color[1]*255, color[2]*255, color[3]*255, Short(Power(unit),true)

    There i have someone else in target, the white number shows the correct count of power, the blue is freezing.

    I think, its because of the true in the code, if i remove it, i got this:

    Error with Ominitron-Defense-System in target:

    Thank you very much for your help.

    Edit: I found a solution with Dogtags. This is the code i use with dogtags und where i can see the current with refresh in realtime.


    Someone a idea, how to get this in lua?
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