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    posted a message on Combuctor: All in one, filterable displays for your inventory and bank
    GREAT addon. I have not used an inventory addon since the original AIOI. I have to say this is by far the best.

    A couple things I have noticed that would require some troubleshooting:
    - (It may just be all my tooltip mods (tipbuddy/enhtooltip), but when the item icon are displayed too large it for some reason messes up the tooltip placements. This can, a lot of times, cause the tooltip and enhtooltip to overlap when it sticks to the top of the screen. I noticed you're adding a max-size for icons, which may fix the issue. Just thought I'd bring that up to you.
    - Bag slots have an unnecessary, smaller button box in the middle.

    A couple things I'd like to see:
    - Instead of clicking the circle to open bag slots, which forces icons to wrap and utilize the 'empty' space below. Just add a bag icon on that bottom row in the empty space, and have the bags hide/show to the right. This will get around the need to wrap on show/hide.
    - The item icons should be in a scroll area, with a slider bar for gloal icon size in my opinion. I'm not sure how difficult that would be to implement, but if yo have a max icon size, and a minimum icon size, and are _thinking_ about implementing a scroll area -- I don't see why not just go all the way.

    Some options to think about...

    [ ] Enable Static Icon Size
    [------x----] 36px
    Max Icon Size [ 36px ]
    Minimum icon Size [ 16px ]

    (If icons are too large and too many for the window, force scroll area)

    [ ] Enable Columns to Size
    How many columns? [ 16 ]

    (Columns to size would calculate icon size for 16 icons across, and wrap/scroll accordingly.)

    - Toggle boxes rather than radio boxes for quality filters so we can filter for more than one quality at a time.

    - Is there anyway we can have the empty bag slots in all side-tab views? Empty slots have 'potential' to be any slot, and would get around resizing of icons when moving stuff in/out of bags. Example: in weapon view for both my bags and bank, swapping things in and out. One large icon turns into two large icons, into 3 then 4 smaller icons. Empty bag slots would keep all the same size, and I wouldn't have to stop for a moment and ask myself what the hell I'm doing because things are changing on a drastic scale. Maybe it's just a personal quirk.

    - I think you already mentioned list view -- AWESOME. This would put this mod above and beyond in my opinion.

    - Custom filters, would this be possible? (Probably hearsay)

    - Class filter, anything relevant to the current class, being reagents, conjured items, etc..
    Warlocks - Soulshards, Healthstones
    Mages - Conjured Food/Water
    Shamans - Fish Oil, Shiny Fish Scales
    Rogues - Poisons

    I don't know what all should go in, and where the limit should be (rage potions?)
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