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    [Rant Inc]

    Regarding Ace2 - what is the point? Even if I were writing something huge, with twenty thousand modules, why not write a core that handles the modules, and then write each module separately? It'd do the same thing without loading thousands of lines of code that I'm never going to use.

    Ace2 is supposed to make writing an addon faster for the author, yet, I don't see why. Someone please explain to me why this:


    Is better than that:

    mod.frame:SetScript("OnEvent", mod.OnEvent)
    function mod.OnEvent(self,event,...)
     if event == "EVENT_NUMBER_ONE" then
     elseif event == "EVENT_NUMBER_TWO" then

    It's equally complex in my eyes. Maybe I'm just insane.

    And then there's the libraries that.. don't really do anything. Exactly how is the following:

    L:RegisterTranslations("enUS", function() return {
     example = "Example",
     example2 = "Example2
    } end)

    Better than the following, which uses no library?

    if locale = "enUS" then
     L = {
      ["example"] = "example",
      ["example2"] = "example2",

    I could comment more, but I'm going to go to sleep right now. I may or may not edit this later.

    As for the other frameworks, I haven't looked yet, hopefully there will actually be something useful for me there.
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    Quote from Phanx »

    Right-click the FuBar icon > Display Sets > _____________ > uncheck Selectable, and Favorite if it's checked

    There's no way to stop information from being collected; I don't think each display set is tracked and saved separately, it's just displaying the same data in another way. You can disable, say, damage data collection altogether, but that's it.

    Not really. It could just collect the name of the person and how much damage they've done, but it also collects info such as

    What attack they used
    How much it hit for
    Did it crit

    Kind of bothers me that it's being collected and I don't need it and I can't disable it.
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    Can we get the ability to completely remove some of the default display so the information for them isn't tracked? (All I want to know is damage/healing/dps/overhealing/threat) Right now, if I remove them, they come back.
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    posted a message on I hate building new computers
    The only reason I ever got a floppy drive was because WindowsXP blows and I needed to install drivers for my harddrive to get it to detect, which could not be done with a flash drive.

    On a side note, ever since I got Vista beta, I've had zero problems with my computer.. if you don't count my DVD drive.. to open it I need to.. uh.. hit the box
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    posted a message on Best addons not found on wowace.com
    Tuller's mods

    Other than that, I only use BigWigs/Omen and mods I wrote, which I'm not going to mention.
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    There's a memory leak somewhere in the mod:


    I run embedded, so that's why you see 41mb for BigWigs.
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    posted a message on cyCircled - Circled buttons for more than just BT2
    Ever since a few revisions back, overlay texture has been on top of hotkey/count.

    To fix, change line 388 to:

    _G[id]:CreateTexture(id.."Overlay", "ARTWORK")
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    Request: Give us an option such as custom for tooltips, but don't interfere with the backdrop color.

    ATM if I use it Skinner interferes with my custom tooltip mod.

    Request#2: Allow us to modify statusbar background colors.
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    Request: If a chatframe is empty, collapse any frames above it.

    edit: Request#2: If a button's alpha is zero, show it while hoving over the chatframe (instead of the button)
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    posted a message on New CKKnight Mod "Joker" Any Info Yet?
    I have one request:

    Don't tag any mods written with it '-Joker-', as people do now with '-Ace2-'.

    What library a mod is written in shouldn't matter for the end user. Who wrote the mod makes a bigger difference.
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    posted a message on Dongle and Ace, a friendly coexistance.
    IMO, this whole problem wouldn't exist if we could host non-ace mods on the svn and just write 'AddOn from wowace.com' in the notes field so users would know where to go to update it. The updater and the fact that you don't need to open lua to figure out how to open a mod's options menu is what made ace so popular.
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    Small request:

    Allow us to set a number that the latency module's time is reduced by. For example, if my latency is 500ms for a certain spellcast, I'd like the latency bar to appear as if it was 400ms (without changing the latency text)

    This would help reduce the number of casts where you stop the cast even though it's past the latency.
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    Errors: Tourist-2.0 Requires Babble-Zone-2.2
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    Quote from Arkayenro »

    Quote from HunterZ »

    Hopefully the 2.0 being worked on will provide a way to do it that doesn't involve hunting down every trinket in my bags and bank and tagging them.

    you'd create a rule with the following formula: equip(trinket) and soulbound(true)

    or drop the soulbound check if you dont care. the rule maintenance code is in, i just have to finish coding up each sub function.

    you'll be able to use the following to categorise items;
    item number
    item name
    item type - see http://www.wowwiki.com/ItemType
    item subtype - see above
    item equip location - see http://www.wowwiki.com/ItemEquipLoc
    bag number
    slot number
    periodic table sets

    should be enough for most people, unless i've forgotten something obvious?

    item rarity? would people use that as a selector, or just to sort on?

    May I ask how to do this? Rules menu is grey'ed out.
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