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    I have a problem with the Addon. If I play with my Mage everithing works fine, alos with other chars, like my Druid or Warrior. But if I play Rogue I get following Problem:

    I use Bar 1 with all 12 buttons binded to the keys 1-`. Everything works fine until I switch the Stance to hide the Rogue. Usally I stunn the target and get back visible. And after this the Addon hast lost all buttons from 6-`. I still see the Icons but i cant use them with mouse or hotkey and there is no tooltip shown any longer. Bartender switches the Bars like I defined with the stances but the problem is that I cant use the buttons 6-12 of Bar 1 after getting visible (in normal stance).

    I dont have this problem with the druid or any other class, just with the rogue. Please help me, I cant find a solution.


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