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    posted a message on Breadcrumbs available message
    Haven't seen this UI element yet (on the other hand I haven't really quested in a while), I guess its an addon.
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    posted a message on Breadcrumbs available message
    Breadcrumb quests are quests that lead you to a certai quest(-hub), but arn't required to start the quest-chain/hub.
    On the other hand, if you start the quest-line without the breadcrumb quest you "loose" one quests, as this will be marked as unavailable. :D
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    posted a message on I'm not understanding where "self" comes from?
    to be complete it should either be
    myapp.TalentQuery_Ready = function(self)
    or (using colon short-cut)
    function myapp:TalentQuery_Ready()
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    posted a message on SendChatMessage: Same Party, Different Realm?
    I THINK those names includes spaces:
    local t = name.." - "..realm
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    posted a message on Frame Texture problem
    @1: I think you can change the "bar texture" in Grid, just use one that fits your needs

    @2: You might take a look at the Status -> Incoming Heals options or look through all bar/color options. Might be possible to change it. If there isn't an option I guess there is a reason for this. Eg. blending "problem" (bad art style) between default health bar and incoming heals bar.
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    posted a message on Event for secondy stats update
    Is there any event that triggers when one of your secondary stats changes eg. UNIT_STATS only seem to trigger for stats like Agi, Int, Stam, ect.

    I'm specifically interested to know, when my Spellpower value changed.
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    posted a message on Desparate for solution with clickthrough frames and mouse handling
    Might be a dump idea, but what happens if frame:EnableMouse(true) is set by default, but with "OnEnter" you set frame:EnableMouse(false) and enable the OnUpdate handler. Once the OnUpdate handler says that "not MouseIsOver(self)" revert to default (EnableMouse(true) and disable OnUpdate handler)?
    Pro: No OnUpdate as long as the mouse isn't over the frame
    Con: MIGHT still lock the mouse to frame, as frame:EnableMouse(false) is only called AFTER frame got the mouse-lock
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    posted a message on Problems Building a Queue
    Quote from myke916
    is ISLEAD is a local variable, i set it up myself, its not an api command at all.. it stores 1 variable localy, not globaly.. and it is checked and reset everytime the addon looks to see if they are online.. (which is set on the SEND_MSG_GUILD event.. so it scans the guild channel, and brodcasts on the SEND_MSG_ADDON channel, looking for other users using the addon... )

    I think what Adirelle tried to get at is, that ".." means string concatenation in LUA.
    So either there is some string missing before this ".." or it does not belong there. ;)

    Quote from myke916
    while writting this i came up with the idea, use this to api for online checks:
    isConnected = UnitIsConnected("unit")
    and when user goes offline, to send update - thus activating a new user as lead.. hmm... maybe.

    If you want to make the current leader send the "find new leader request" upon logout keep in mind that this works in 90% of all cases, but might still fail is the leader gets disconnected/crashes, thus there won't be any "leader request".
    To be really stable have all clients watch leaders online status and start an "leader request" once current leaders is offline.
    (Might be that your idea was the same, wasn't totally sure what you where saying ^^)

    Quote from myke916
    BUT! it might work for the first part counting the queue number, but not! for putting people in the queue... the addon has to know who has lead to turn on and off the eventhandler for the specific player.

    I'm still confused about what QUEUE variable is representing. Is it the total number of (online and "synchronised") clients or the unique queue-id (eg. client1, client2,...,client10)?
    Could you upload the complete code somewhere. It's really hard to grasp what each and every variables comes from/could be representing.

    Quote from myke916
    i dont know what CT_RA is, but where can i find this code or addon? maybe looking at it might help me figure a hole in my code...

    Sorry I confused CT_RaidAssist with some of the first BossMods, can't remember the real name now though, was still back in the days of MC and BWL.
    Todays Bossmods work as individual addons (I think the paradigm changed due to addon-communication spam) sorry.

    On a sidenote, although it isn't needed for it to work, when you use
    function guildbot2.CHAT_MSG_GUILD(msg, sender, ...)
    instead of
    function guildbot2:CHAT_MSG_GUILD(msg, sender, ...)
    than there won't be any "self" available inside CHAT_MSG_GUILD afaik.

    --debug makes double posts more spam

    See http://wowprogramming.com/docs/events/CHAT_MSG_ADDON as to why there is "double-spam". ;)
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    posted a message on Access to /SAVEDVARIABLES/ ???
    I can't remember if saved-variable files get overwriten when they are set to "read-only" via Windows. This way you might be able to (automatic) import stuff via saved-variables.
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    posted a message on Problems Building a Queue
    Could you
    a) Explain in a bit more detail what you exactly want to achieve. Eg. what is this addon supposed to do as a whole and what part is currently not working?
    b) The code you posted is not formated very readable and it looks like quite some important stuff is missing from it. :-/
    c) Explain on a design level (not code-level) what and how the code that you posted should accomplish?

    As far as I understand it, you have many client with the same addon and want to upvote one to be the leader/server (a bit like CT_RA used to work [well ok it used the raid-leader, but still it broadcasted data afterwards^^])?

    I'd be doing this the following way:
    1) Lets assume there isn't current any user voted to leader/server
    Let each client roll a random number (either 1 - 100 or 1 - 2 * #Clients)
    Share all these numbers between clients. The client with the highest/lowest number "wins" and gets Leader status. If there is more than one winner, repeat steps only between them until different ones...
    Lets calls this whole process "Leader-Definition"
    2) If the leader goes offline, make the client that noticed it (eg. because the addon can track the leaders online status [addon is for guildmember right?]) start a "Leader-Definition".
    3) If a new client joins (eg. comes online), let him ask all clients for the current leader. All client should either return the same leader else start a "Leader-Definition".

    So I'm trying to understand why you were using a queue in the first place.
    One thing you have to be perfectly clear about is, unless you really synchronise the queue (variable) you can never be sure that multiple clients queues have the same value(s).
    Think about it a bit like working with independent "Threats" (each client) with local variables (each queue variable).
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    posted a message on SPELL_AURA_APPLIED on Target
    Okey here is the arg list: (still 4.1)
    args[1] = CCReport (self)

    args[3] = timestamp
    args[4] = event
    args[5] = hideCaster
    args[6] = sourceGUID
    args[7] = sourceName
    args[8] = sourceFlags
    args[9] = destGUID
    args[10] = destName
    args[11] = destFlags

    args[12] = spellId
    args[13] = spellName
    args[14] = spellSchool

    args[15] = auraType

    The only thing that I can see go wrong is spellId is not given for units different than "player".
    Personally I'd try printing 4, 10, 12, 13 to chat...

    Btw you should add
    CCReport:RegisterEvent("COMBAT_LOG_EVENT_UNFILTERED") below enabled = 'true';
    CCReport:UnregisterEvent("COMBAT_LOG_EVENT_UNFILTERED") below enabled = 'false';
    to reduce unneeded callbacks.

    EDIT 2:
    To fix it, replace every == CCReport.playername with == UnitName("target") as
    a) You don't have a target on login
    b) target is "dynamic" ^^
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    posted a message on Original idea for once - Dungeon + Raid History tracker!
    http://www.wowace.com/addons/charscanner/is also quite nice. Has a lot of stuff besides "gear-score". Eg. Achievement- , enchant-, gem-overwiev, ect.
    It might be, that charscanner includes kill-statistics via achieve,ents, but I'm nor sure
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    posted a message on Aura Frames - Official Thread
    Quote from Tikal696
    Hello Beautiuz.
    Is there a way to set the filter for a custom icd on a trinket for exemple ?
    Something like this :
    - if i've got the buff "Volcanic Destruction"
    - start a timer that act like a cooldown of 45sec

    You'd have to use some cooldown addon for this probably.
    Personally I use WeakAuras (which can monitor a bit more^^)
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    posted a message on Whats the best customizable Tooltip addon these days?
    I personally use TipTac too. Hee is a nice overview page: http://vranx.com/tooltip.htm
    IceTip really seems promising, StarTip is really customizeable but its atm quite bugged.
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