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    Will HealStatus be a separate module or ad-on? There are already really great ad-ons out there that display healer mana, and individual healer mana. Having another grid or window on screen doesn't seem appealing.

    A few feature I would like to see.

    Sets that saved. Currently, sets do not save. for instance I create a set 'Naxx trash 1' The next day, the set will be gone.

    Get rid of the %MT1% thing. I find it buggy, and not always grabbing the tanks actual name and just displaying "MT1" in the channel when I broadcast.
    I'd like to be able to just type in the tanks name, or AoE'ers. with out having to click on "MT5" having the window pop-up etc. How about just an empty field where we can type in whatever we want with out pop-ups.

    Under statistics, how about a total healers in raid stat as well. Adding them up is fairly simple, but having a total would be handy :)
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    Quote from dmcleod »


    in a former version, there was a function analog to "incoming heals". The unitframe was highlighted with a green border, so you could decide to stop casting a heal or not. In the current ersion, there is no indicator, if a heal is already in progress on an unit.

    Hello, I'd love this feature in SRaid.. I gave SRaid a go and loved its low overhead! But had to switch back to X_perl due to the raid frames border highlighting of incoming healing and incoming damage. The highlighted red border around AoE classes made keeping them alive in AoE situations a breeze...

    Many classes and players might find the highlighting annoying though.. So an option would probably be best.. anyhow. Just throwing in my opinion and request for raid frames healing/damage highlighting to accompany the aggro highlighting.

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