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    posted a message on [Grid] Layouts problem (RBG, 10, 25, Arena)
    This solutions is so simple I can't believe I hadn't thought of it before (had the same problem).

    I'll see about writing a small selector then, which, if Grid is activated, automatically switches to a certain layout on certain conditions.
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    posted a message on Raven: Auras, Cooldowns and Notifications
    Thanks for this addon, it's amazing. I switched from Satrina to get some more smallscale editing options for the layout to better line things up with my unitframes. So far I really like it, even if - of course - I only need a small portion of the features.
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    posted a message on Skada: a damage meter
    Quote from Tanthalus
    Also hiding the bars during combat doesn't even make sense but is fine to have if the logical additional option of hiding while NOT in combat was there. It isn't.

    It makes a lot of sense. Statistics like fails, healing done or damage taken are pretty much for postmortem analysis, and hence can as well be hidden during combat.
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