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    Quote from Kerecha
    Look in the lua text thread, theres a post there for exactly that function (i use it)

    Thanks, but that's not where you saw it, Zeelian. It was in the Elitistjerks thread :p


    Posting it here for curious people, thanks to Shot on EJ:

    local isTank, isHealer, isDamage = UnitGroupRolesAssigned(unit);
    if ( isTank ) then
    return "Tank";
    elseif ( isHealer ) then
    return "Healer";
    elseif ( isDamage ) then
    return "DPS";
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    I've search but couldn't find how to do this:
    I don't want the ugly lfd roles icon. I'd like to make a new text to show what role each person is by their names like D for DPS, T for Tank, H for Healer.
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