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    I apologize in advance if this is in error, but it seems everyone in the thread mentions the wotlk nodes are implemented now upon the first data import.

    I have recently installed Gathermate, Gathermate_data, and Gathermate_sharing. I've gone through the menu to the Import Data section and attempted to import all types of nodes as well as mining individually. It instantly pops up the text for Data import successful, yet if I look at my northrend map, I have zero nodes showing for any type.

    I've checked that the nodes are visible with profession (and I can see the outland nodes, etc). I've also confirmed the filters are showing Saronite and the Northrend nodes. But not seeing anything.

    I wouldn't normally post this, but.. I've asked my guildmates as well and several are using the addon and also have the same situation. Is this normal?

    Thanks in advance

    Update: I recently downloaded the file from Curse (few days old) instead of wowace (3 weeks old) and the Curse version is working correctly.
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    I love Prat, but I seem to be having a conflict with an old, but good mod that I use still called AH_Favorites (http://www.curse-gaming.com/en/wow/addons-2197-1-auction-house-favorites.html). I've read through some and it seems to be a problem with the "name" functions or something I believe(Im not a coder, so I dont know specifically).

    Anyone mind taking a glance at this? I dont know enough to fix it myself. I changed around all the "name" text in the AH_Favorites.lua to "name1" and the error changed to an ace error, so not sure if that fixes the problem, or just covers it with another.

    Here's the Prat error:
    "Prat/modules/PlayerNames.lua:141: bad argument #1 to 'gsub' (string expected, got nil)"

    Thank you in advance if anyone can take a glance at this, I bet it's something simple, I just am useless here :( I'll attatch both lua's for easy reference if someone can help.
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